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Friday, September 18, 2015

Random musings

1) There should be a law against making flog lights on cars so bright that they equal or surpass high beams

2) If Kim Davis belonged in jail for not upholding something that wasn't a law, doesn't Obama belong in jail for refusing to uphold immigration laws and the Defense of Marriage Act? After all, he vowed to uphold the laws and Constitution when he was sworn in.

3) And do the same people who say Kim Davis should just have resigned say Obama should resign if he doesn't want to enforce things that actually are laws?

4) After all of his pro-Muslim statements and actions and his anti-Christian statements and actions, how can anyone doubt Barack Obama is indeed a Muslim....especially after this horrible Iran deal?

5) Why do so many laws for car automobile drivers not apply to motorcyclists? And why is it our responsibility to watch out for them when they are the ones driving an unsafe vehicle? Shouldn't they bear most of the responsibility and drive safer?

6) Why do truckers insist on passing a vehicle that it takes them forever to get around, meanwhile they have several cars behind them waiting for them to get out of the way.

7) Isn't liberal logic an oxymoron?

8) How can anyone support Hillary Clinton after all of the scandals she has had and the obvious  corruptness that oozes out of her very pores?

9) Donald Trump is a bully, a jerk, egotistical, and has some of the same traits I dislike in Obama.......why would I want to vote for him?

10) Why do women need make up, redder lips, raccoon eyes, etc. to make them supposedly look better.... and men need nothing to make us look better.....though some men seem to be so ugly they cover their face up with a beard......

11) I'd like Fall a lot better if it wasn't for the fact it is followed by winter.

12) All lives matter. Why is that statement offensive?

13) I sincerely believe Obama as the first black president could have made this country better, united it, helped any racist divides that exist, and gone down as one of the greatest presidents ever..... but instead he has divided this country, focused on his agenda, helped stir up hatred towards police and white people, and sunk this country further in debt.

14) I wonder if the same churches that boycotted theaters for showing Brokeback Mountain also boycotted the ones showing 50 Shades of Grey.

15) It may sound crazy, but I believe Obama is a Muslim plant, and his actions and words over his presidency give that idea merit.

16) I feel Christians have for too long and too easily surrendered our religious freedoms to judges, the government, and atheists and we should have stood up against them.

17)It is beyond bizarre and idiotic that believing in the "right" to kill a baby in the womb is the litmus test for true femininity and women's rights in this country, and that liberal women won't even listen to a woman who is not for butchering babies in the womb.

18) I would rather go my whole life living as if there was a God and be wrong, than to live my life as if there was no God and be wrong.

19) If a Muslim wanted to infiltrate the country by becoming president and try to weaken America, help out our enemies, offend our allies, destroy our economy and freedoms, and make us more vulnerable to attacks by cutting our military, cutting our defense budget..... is there anything different such a person would do than Obama has done?

20) It is sad that people will believe in big foot, aliens, and believe that our country made a deal with aliens to get technology, yet not believe the Bible and that that they need to serve God.

21) To combat this insane wave of letting whichever gender people want to be using whichever bathroom they want to use, schools and businessmen need to put in several one person bathrooms.

22) If Hillary Clinton was a Republican, she'd have been in jail long ago.

23)  Most of the people who go to the emergency department are not there for an emergency.

24) I think they should drug test everyone who voices support for the legalization of marijuana.

25) The black lives matter movement was started as a result of a few black criminals getting killed while resisting arrest. Not a worthy cause, to say the least, and they have turned into just another hate group.

26) Barack Obama has blood on his hands of any policeman murdered after his anti-cop rants.

27) I firmly believe organic food isn't any better for you and is just a way to charge more money for items people will buy because of the organic label.

28) I feel like I go to church and plug in on Sundays, then go back to my world apart from the church during the week.

29) The same people freaking out because a Muslim kid got arrested for what looked like a bomb, has no problem with white American kids getting expelled for drawing a picture of a gun, chewing a pop tart in the shape of a gun, wearing an NRA shirt, or wearing a confederate flag shirt.

30) It is ironic that Hillary is suddenly on the offensive for battered and abused women when she helped cover up the sexual abuse of several women by her own husband.

31) If God was incensed at the Israelite for their child sacrifice, how must He feel about America's child sacrifice in the name of women's "rights"?

32) America is afraid of offending everyone but Christians, God, and straight white men.

33) The question was raised by someone if Christians should be the morality police for America. If we are not, the Muslims are going to dictate what is right and wrong for our country, and we will soon turn into the Muslim country Obama said we are.

34) If Donald Trump loves the Bible so much, why couldn't he name his favorite verse?

35) All politicians are Bible-believing and Bible-loving people of God and of the Word at campaign time.

36) Why don't more Christians listen to more Christian music than secular?

37) The pluses of my Malibu I got in February over my Sunfire I had: power windows, power locks, a key fob, lights that go on and off automatically, 2 power outlets that work instead of one that didn't, trunk release button, and power mirrors.

38) I am thankful for the close relationship I have with my nieces and nephews since I never had kids of my own.

39) It is even more cruel to pay a gay person on the back and tell them they are OK and can go to Heaven living the gay lifestyle, as it is to demean them..... not that either is acceptable.

40) Facebook has its issues, but I am thankful for it. I have made friends, found some community, and have been encouraged and helped by things people post.

41) Too many Christians - myself included - don't know the reality of truly denying ourselves and carrying a cross. We look at denial as a dirty word.

42) My prayer lately has been that God would help me be more thankful for salvation, grace, and what He has done in my life.

43) The same modern day Christians standing against Kim Davis would also most likely have joined in the stoning of Stephen.

44) They should drug test every person pushing for marijuana to be legalized.

45) Just because people are already doing something is not a good reason to legalize it.

46) To me as a Protestant, the pope is just another guy, and one that dressed funny at that.

47) I believe it is better to have at least a few different Bible versions to read from, instead of sticking with just one.

48) It is not judging to say something is wrong and sinful that the Bible says is sinful.

49) I sing in the car..... even when I am not playing music.

50) Am I the only one who thinks it a bit weird that heterosexual men will watch half naked men wrestling and boxing?

51) I really need to find a job where I don't have to wear ties.

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