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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim Davis, a lion, and selective outrage

The liberal and gay community are so outraged about the smallest things, and yet ignore greater offenses and atrocities.

They are offended over a dumb flag that has been around for 150 years because a crazed killer had one in his possession, yet ignore ISIS murdering and torturing Christians.

They scream bloody murder when a Christian baker won't bake a cake for a gay wedding, yet ignore Planned Parenthood butchering babies and selling their body parts.

They are outraged that a Christian won't issue marriage licenses to gay couples, but ignore the fact that gay people are being tortured and killed in Muslim countries. And the fact that they are in another country shouldn't matter. After all, half our country was in an uproar recently over a lion that was killed in another country....... so why not be outraged about gay people being killed in other countries? I can see them not caring about the Christians being killed and tortured in other countries, as our media and the liberals have grown increasingly anti-Christian, and the gay community despises Christians, but surely they should be offended by the treatment of gay people in Muslim countries.....

  I think it boils down to the gay community -  and those who agree with them - hating Christians and Christianity. Why else would they focus so much outrage on Christians here who won't do services for a gay wedding or grant marriage licenses for gay weddings, while liberals as a whole are welcoming Muslims and Islam? Muslims are torturing and killing gay people, while Christians are just refusing to accommodate gay people in certain things and dare to call homosexuality a sin. Were the gay community not a bunch of cowardly, Christian-hating hypocrites, they would be demanding that our president and congressman cease doing business with countries that allow torture and killing of gay people. They would demand Obama not give Iran a nuke deal until Iran does something about the treatment of gay people in their country. They would demand Hillary Clinton give back the donations she got from such countries and stop being so buddy with them, and they would refuse to vote for any candidate who is pro-Muslim and gets political or monetary favors from those countries.

  But they don't care. They only care about themselves here in the US and the mean Christians who dare to side with God's Word and refuse to do more than just tolerate their lifestyle. They want us to totally accept it and give no push-back against it and stop calling it a sin.

  Granted, the church has a bad track record with the gay issue. We have too long looked at it as a horrible sin while accepting other sins and not speaking up about them. We are outraged about gay marriage and that it makes a mockery of God's intended design for marriage, while overlooking what Jesus said about marriage and divorce and having divorce and remarriage statistics in the church that are nearly as bad as the world.

  We have kicked our own children out of the house and to the curb because they are attracted to the same gender. We have joked and made fun of gay people. We have shunned those who live that lifestyle, and made such an anti-gay atmosphere that our churches have people struggling with same-sex attraction who hide in the shadows and are terrified to tell this wonderful family of God their struggle for fear of what will happen to them. Is it any wonder so many gay people hate Christians?

  I have offended and angered people on both sides of the issue. I have had people criticize me for speaking out too much against homosexuality. I have had people criticize me for being too sympathetic towards gay people. I have had people say I talk too much about the issue in general, and in fact had a lady from my own church block me, my mom, and my sister because I talk about it too much. I had the mother of a gay son un-friend me because I was too negative about homosexuality.  You truly cannot make everyone happy.

  The truth of the matter is the church needs to show more love towards gay people. It is just another sin, yet it isn't just another sin. The militant gay community wants to shut up resistance totally and force Christians to do what they want, and there is no other sin that they are trying to force people to accept. However, there are multitudes of people struggling with the desires and attractions who don't know where to turn. They are afraid to tell their friends, their families, their church, and even their pastor. We cannot go the route of many churches and toss out what the Bible says and stop calling it a sin and allow gay people living in sin to participate in church offices, preaching, etc.... helping people believe a lie and go to hell is not love or helping anyone. But we can learn more about the issue, tone down our rhetoric, give the message that yes...we believe it is a sin, but we love you and you are welcome in our church. No man, woman, boy, or girl should feel afraid to come forward and seek help for this issue, but we have made it so that they are. There are countless people sitting in our church pews struggling with same-sex attractions and not knowing where to turn. That needs to stop.

  Christians need to find a balance. I do believe the gay agenda needs to be fought. The most militant and extreme gay people want it taught to kids in Kindergarten that homosexuality is normal and awesome and that they should experiment sexually with others of the same sex. They want Christians to shut up, churches to welcome their sin with open arms and not call it a sin, they want to do everything heterosexuals do and have everything heterosexuals have with no limits. Homosexual adoptions, working in any Christian business or church, not having a Christian refuse them any service, not having anyone call it a sin. Those people will never be happy without total capitulation and 100% acceptance by the church and Christians. No one is unreachable, but they are almost unreachable.

  But there are so many gay people who aren't Christianophobics. They are just hurting and trying to figure out who they are. The church needs to find a way to not agree with their sin, and somehow love and reach them while trying to stem the tide of the more extreme and activist gay people.

  I asked someone once why liberals champion Muslims so much, while putting down Christians and fighting us on every side. Muslims have a terrible record with gay rights and women's rights, both of which are two of the biggest liberal causes...yet Christians just say homosexuality is a sin, and we are great one women's rights. He suggested that the Democratic party hates Christianity so much that they will accept anything else. And he may be correct. That could explain the outrage against Christians not baking a cake for a gay wedding or not granting a license for a gay couple, while ignoring what Muslims are doing to gay people. It is more about hating Christians than actually having rights. It does seem in some of these cases that they have deliberately gone to a Christian business to try to force them to capitulate to their wishes so they could make an example of them. Even this clerk being in jail with no bail..... definite overkill, and it is a definite warning and example to other Christians who might dare to do the same thing. (Picture below of Muslims hanging a couple of gay men)

  Let us not be like the liberals and be selective in our outrage, and let is be outraged about the right things. I saw even Christians on Facebook demanding the confederate flag be taken down.....something that was stupid. It never did anything, and taking it down did not accomplish anything other than giving liberals a victory. The same people never post about Christians being tortured or killed by Muslim groups. People are outraged that a county clerk wouldn't violate her beliefs and conscience to grant a marriage license for a marriage God Himself would never recognize, yet the same people seem to have no problem with that woman being locked up with no bail and told she can leave when she changes her beliefs. Even most non-violent criminals get bail, but she doesn't? Is that not something to be outraged about? The same people are not bothered by a president who promised to uphold the law and Constitution, not doing so... choosing to ignore immigration laws to help is immigration agenda, and choosing to ignore and not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act...... why is he not in jail??

  We get outraged about a football player deflating footballs, a puppy being left in a car, being on hold too long, our sandwich not being made right at McDonalds, a flag, a lion.......and ignore the things that we should be concerned and outraged about.

  I shared this story before: There was a young man who played guitar in his church's worship band. He went to his pastor and told him he was struggling with same-sex attractions, and wanted prayer and help. The pastor assured him he'd pray for him, and the young man left. During the next service at the church, the pastor told what the young man had told him and turned to the young man who was on the platform and said "You are not welcome in my church. Get our of here." And a heartbroken and devastated young man walked out of that church never to return. I don't know what happened to him. I hope he didn't turn from God completely and that he found help at another church. But that is a story that should spark outrage in any Christian. True injustice should bring our blood to a boil, not inconveniences or bandwagons that everyone else is jumping on. That is what the world does, the liberals. That is not what Christians should do.

  The outrage is not that a Christian would not bow to what 5 un-elected self important people in black robes decided for our whole country. The outrage is that in our free democracy a judge can jail that woman without bail to try to force her to change her views and beliefs. The outrage is not that a gay couple didn't get a license that doesn't amount to a hill of beans in God's eyes. The outrage is that Muslims are killing and torturing the gay people in their countries and our president and other politicians are in bed with them. The outrage is not that a lion got killed in another country, but that babies are being butchered daily here in the USA  and the media, our president, the Democrat party and way too many other people not only are not bothered by that,  they are not bothered that Planned Parenthood has been caught selling baby parts...... and refuse to pull funding for the butchers.

  The outrage is that people are plunging to hell, and we are too concerned about the wrong things, and too busy with our lives to do anything about it.

  Let we Christians not be easily offended and outraged in general, and when we are that we make sure it is about the right things.

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