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Thursday, September 22, 2016

September random musings

A post of random stuff that I have been thinking about (and because I feel like writing, but have no ideas for a whole post)

1) I'm buying a house! Exciting! Scary! Awesome!

2) I plan on registering as an Independent voter the first chance I get.

3) I was hoping to eventually buy a piano after I move, but I am getting one free. God is good :)

4) I wish my head and face were Calvinist... it would be awesome if I was once shaved, always shaved.....

5) I believe before inviting a bunch of refugees into our country, we should start taking better care of our vets, homeless, and others here who need help.

6) Summer. I miss you already. And Fall, I'd like you a lot better if I didn't know what came next.

7) Too many people are treating the Bible like a bag of trail mix. They keep the parts they like, and discard the parts that are inconvenient and that doesn't go with culture.

8) If you're bored, read a book. I highly recommend it.

9) I have been stationed outside in the afternoons at work, and I am getting more tanned than I did at the beach.

10) I am not for Gary Johnson, but I wish he could be in the debates. It would be cool to have more than two people.

11) I am coming to the realization that owning my own house is going to involve some sacrifice and denying myself some things I want but don't need.... why is that so easy to do, yet difficult when it comes to doing it for God?

12) I believe that I like my current job better than any I have had. I hope I can stay there for a long time.

13) I have dreamed of having a room to make into a library...just my books, a lazy boy recliner, and a fireplace....or fake fire place. I can do that in the house I am buying, though the chair and fire place may take a while. I am way beyond excited about the idea.

14) Cigarette smokers have to be the biggest litterbugs in the world. They seem to feel they have a God-given right to throw their butts wherever they please, and in front of anyone.

15) My youngest sister and her family are in Montana until close to Thanksgiving.... and I miss my nephews already. And their parents. But especially my nephews :)

16) Of all the millions of people in our country, we wound up with these 2 corrupt individuals running for president?!

17) People have the right not to stand for the National Anthem.....and people have a right to be offended by their actions.

18) People who overdose are given a prescription for the pen that saves overdose victims. Isn't that enabling them to do it again?

19) The liberals want Hillary Clinton to be president so badly, that if she died before election day, they'd drag her corpse over the finish line.

20) White pumpkins are just weird. So are white Christmas lights.

21) My house will be just a few blocks from a Mexican restaurant. If I walked there and back, would that cancel out the calories from what I ate there?

22) Could I make a gift registry at Walmart and the hardware store when I move? :)

23) I dread having to put my sandals away and having to wear socks all the time because of cold weather.

24) I am the only person in my family that has a Christmas tree with colored lights. I am not sure what that says about me and them, but the word boring comes to mind.... and not for me :)

25) They truly need to get better guidelines and requirements for food stamps and what they can be used for.

26) If my Facebook feed is an indicator, people care more about animals being mistreated than babies being murdered.

27) We have two choices for president: A very corrupt elderly woman who should be in jail, and a very corrupt and immoral elderly reality show host who supported her for years and said she'd make a great president. And I am the bad guy for not falling for that?

28) People are weird who put fruit in a garden salad. You don't put veggies in a fruit salad.....

29) A bumper sticker I saw recently: WWJD? Not tailgate.

30) Why do motorcyclists get by with so much that automobile drivers cannot?

31) I am going to need a stove, refrigerator, dining room table and chairs, and a washer and dryer.....yikes.

32) Does anyone even read these random musings.........

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