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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Election thoughts

**I am not attempting to sway anyone to vote or not vote any certain way. This is just me practicing my freedom of speech. 

 It is becoming increasingly unpopular to say you're not voting for Donald Trump. I believe even many Christian Trump supporters would be less offended if you said there was no God than if you aren't voting for Trump....which says a lot about our priorities as American Christians.

  The more I see and hear of Donald Trump, the more I dislike him, his views, his actions, his words..... and everything about him. Yet, fellow Christians - even fellow church members - tell me I must vote for him to stop this enormous monster Hillary Clinton.

   I've not had the best attitudes this election, and have tried to tone it down lately and not say much about Trump..... but that doesn't mean I have to stay silent until after the election, so it is time for a post about election stuff, just some random things on my mind about it:

I'm suspicious

1) It is still unfathomable to me how gullible  people are to support DT after years of him supporting Hillary Clinton and being buddies with her and Bill. I don't mean to be rude, but come on.....and I am the bad guy for refusing to fall for that? He even said a few years back that she'd make a great president..... so pardon me for being very suspicious. I don't believe anything he says.

The judges argument

2) A big argument used to try to swing people over to vote for Trump, is the Supreme Court Justice argument. Whoever the next president is, will be nominating possibly 3 judges to the court. Trump has promised to nominate conservative ones, and we know what kind Hillary will nominate, so we must vote for Trump so we get good judges.

Nice theory, but there are a couple of t hings wrong with that:

a) I don't trust Trump. He has proven he will say whatever he needs to say to get people's votes.

b) The Republican Party is full of spineless cowards who don't truly care about conservatism or Christian values. They did nothing to stop the horrible choices Obama had as his nominees for the court, or for Attorney General.

On the flip side, the Democrats are lethal when it comes to a conservative judge being nominated. Even if Trump should carry through on his promise, should he become president, I seriously doubt any very conservative judge will make it on the bench. The Democrats will fight it too hard and the Republicans won't fight for it hard enough.

Trump is no better than Hillary

3) I have yet to see proof Trump is much better than Hillary. I believe she is more qualified to be president than he is, especially when it comes to foreign policy. That isn't to say she is qualified or any less corrupt, but to me she is more qualified. Sure, there is the email and Benghazi thing, but he is worse than she is in areas, and is he any better than she is for supporting her for so many years? I knew Hillary was corrupt and wouldn't make a good president since the Clintons came on the scene..... and he didn't realize that til he ran as president. Either he has poor judgement, is a complete idiot, or he hasn't changed his opinion on her..... or all three.


4) Donald Trump does not represent my values, my beliefs, or morals. I view him even further left than Romney and McCain, who I now regret voting for.

Nothing has changed

5) My reasons for not supporting and voting for DT in the primaries have not changed. I was disgusted by his lack of character and morals, his past views and policies that he supposedly switched on so radically and drastically, his vulgarity, his pride in sinful acts, the way he treated his opponents and anyone who criticized him. I felt I could not support him and vote for him as a Christian, and just because he won the nomination does not change that.

He is Obama-lite

6) Something that has bothered me a lot about Obama are the same things I see in Trump:
His divisiveness

His narcissism

His thin skin

His personal attacks on anyone who criticizes him or disagrees with him

The way his past gets swept aside and ignored by his supporters and the media that supports him

His arrogance

His disregard for the separation of powers and his seemingly intent to go around Congress and the Constitution to get his way.

  Donald Trump may be more like Obama than Hillary is.

The Messiah complex

7) I am bothered how so many are looking at Trump as a savior. I have seen many comment how Trump is our only hope, that America has to elect him for us to be saved. I even saw a woman today say Trump is our savior. This is the same kind of stuff we saw from Obama's supporters.


8) The Second Amendment argument. This is another favorite one that gets thrown at me. If Hillary becomes president, she will do away with the Second Amendment, and we will lose our guns. Hillary may try to restrict gun rights, but a president nor the Supreme Court can do away with an amendment. That takes a convention of states.

 If Hillary becomes president, as she most likely will, and tries to restrict gun laws, as she most likely will... then every gun owner and anyone who favors gun rights needs to besiege their congressmen to stop her in her tracks.

I'm voting for Hillary?!

9) The "if you're not voting for Trump, you're voting for Hillary" argument. This is just stupid, excuse my bluntness. If I am given the choices of macaroni salad, pasta salad, or potato salad, I am going to pick pasta salad...... because I don't like the other two choices. Seriously, I don't like the other two..... they are nasty.  By my picking pasta salad to eat instead of macaroni salad, I am not picking potato salad to eat by default. That is nonsense..... and the same goes with this election.

 And I find it ironic and - can I be blunt again?  - hypocritical for people to overlook Trump supporting Hillary all of these years and saying she'd make a great president, than take issue with me not voting for him and claiming that means a vote for her. People whose candidates live in a glass house should not throw stones....(my paraphrase)  :)

I own my vote

10) The Republican Party does not own my vote. I in fact am planning on changing my registration to Independent. I am disgusted by the Republican Party and how it claims to support my values, but never does anything to prove that. They just want our votes so they can be in power.

My limit has been reached

11) Every conservative and Christian hopefully has their limit.... when a candidate is so bad and so close to being like the opposing party that they cannot in good conscience vote for that candidate. Trump is my limit. If we keep lowering our standards, we will soon be voting for people who we'd never vote for if they were on the other ticket.... and I think people already are with Trump. As I look at some of the Democrats that have run and some who have won, they don't look so bad compared to Trump. And we are most likely going to go down from here.  As long as the Republican Party can convince voters that the Democrat is worse than their candidate, Christians and conservatives will fall in line and do what we fault the Democrats for doing - voting for the devil himself to stop the opposing party from winning.

  I have resigned myself to Hillary Clinton being president. I may be wrong, but I believe the nomination of Donald Trump guaranteed her the presidency......but I'd be just as disgusted if he won. The only answer is to have our hope and faith in God, not in politics, our freedom, our leaders, or even our country. The church will survive Hillary or Trump.

  Want to make America great again? It won't happen by electing a godless corrupt leader, but by getting America back to God.


  1. Mark, you make some good points, however, you ARE going to be served macaroni salad or potato salad so if you don't choose one your neighbors choose for you.
    I will be registering independent after this election also. This election I will be voting for Trump. We agree on some while not all yet I believe we could have good conversation.

    1. True, but that doesn't mean I have to load the plate or call it food :)