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Friday, September 23, 2016

No, Christians do not have to support Black Lives Matter

  There has been a rash of posts condemning Christians who fault Black Lives Matter and who dare to say "All lives matter." There were some people posting that if we fault those people who kneel for the National Anthem and are saying we are part of the problem.

  Let's rewind a bit. The BLM was borne through a lie. The lie that Michael Brown was shot dead by a policeman while Brown had his hands up. The media ran with that, liberals ran with it, and the truth eventually came out..... Brown had previously tried to the cop's gun from him and was charging the cop when he shot him.

 But the truth didn't matter. Liberals liked the other narrative better. We watched with horror as the town of Ferguson was descended on by what became the BLM - people destroying property, stealing, rioting, ruining people's very livelihood - all because a black criminal was shot and killed while charging at a police officer.

 Since then, any time a black person is killed while resisting arrest, the BLM does what they do best: loot, burn buildings, attack people, cheer on the death of police officers, and riot. Sadly, the media and Obama never condemn it, but continually support BLM.

 People argue that what we see isn't what BLM is about... but if so, where are the voices of reason?
Where are the BLM leaders condemning the rioting and looting? Why aren't they urging restraint? Why aren't they calling for peaceful protests? Could it be that what we are seeing truly is representative of the BLM?

 Where are the BLM people when black babies are being murdered in abortion clinics at a much higher rate than white babies?

 Where are the BLM people when blacks are killing each other at an alarming rate?

 Why are the only black lives that matter the ones killed by cops and/or white people? And yes, that is a fair question, for that is the only time we hear from them... and especially when it is a criminal resisting arrest.

   Think about that for a moment. People are saying we Christians should stand with BLM, but they are the most visible when a criminal is killed by a cop. The death of a criminal resisting arrest is what gets them looting, burning, rioting, killing, and threatening lives. They cheer when a cop dies and call for the death of white people.

 And we are supposed to stand with them?

Fact: There are more white people killed by police than blacks. And we never riot. (Right around the time Brown was killed, an unarmed white kid was shot and killed by a black cop.... and no one cared, no one rioted, and Obama was silent)

Fact: There are far more blacks killed by other blacks than by whites or cops.

Fact: The founder of Planned Parenthood wanted abortion legalized to help thin down the black population..... yet black people continually vote for the party that champions and supports their work. Hillary Clinton has said she admires Sanger.

 Just this week, the BLM group has attacked Charlotte, NC. Among other things, they have:

Attempted to throw a reporter into a fire.

Destroyed a truck and trailer while the terrified driver was trapped inside.

Stripped and beat a man.

Burned buildings


Threatened white people and cops.

  I look at this and the other riots, and cannot help but come to these conclusions:

BLM is a hate and terrorist group

BLM is the black version of the KKK

BLM seems most upset when a criminal resists arrest and gets shot.

BLM doesn't care about black babies being killed, or black lives killed by other blacks.

Many, if not most, of the BLM people don't want equal rights. They want special rights, they want reparations for slavery, and they will never be happy until white people are subservient to them.

A Christian has no business supporting this group. And don't tell me I should do so as I watch these terrorists try to destroy the city of Charlotte.

   I have yet to see any proof that I am wrong, and it is beyond me why the media and Obama openly support and encourage them....unless they want more division and a race war.......

  And these athletes that are refusing to stand for the National Anthem......their stance is based on a lie. They are all overpaid and not oppressed, and they are mostly  protesting the same criminals getting killed that the BLM group is.

 And yes, they have the freedom to kneel or whatever, but we also have the freedom to be disgusted by it and condemn it.

 I am sure there is real racism in our country - on both sides - and I am sure there are black people oppressed and treated badly by whites, but those concerns need to be brought to the table in a reasonable manner. Burning buildings, and acting like terrorists isn't going to win anyone over that has common sense and is paying attention.

 Where I work, I wait on and cross paths with many black people on a daily basis. I have never treated them any differently than white people. I have had some rude black people, but I have had far more rude white people. Just yesterday, I had a nice chat with a black lady as I was outside doing my parking lot duty. I am not a racist.

  As much as I detest Obama's presidency and what he has done to our country, and as much as he disgusts me.... I believe 100% that he could have united this country as the first black president.... perhaps as we have never been united. Unfortunately, he has had an agenda, seems to hate America and white people, and he has seemed to have been bent on dividing the country and pitting white against black.

 So yes, pray....but if you are a Christian, do not support the Black Lives Matter group. Watch the rioting and see what you are supporting.... and pray for the people in danger by Black Lives Matter.

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  1. I appreciate your taking on this topic Mark. I have been doing post on this for several months. Here is my take from an African American pastor. https://revheadpin.org/2016/08/23/how-to-make-sure-all-lives-matter/