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Friday, September 2, 2016

Dear Republican Party.... I am breaking up, and it isn't me.... it's you

Dear Republican Party, it is time we broke up. It's not me, but you. You have been steadily getting further and further from my values, morals, and what is important to me. You have become so much like the Democrats that it is hard to tell you apart.

  I guess the nomination of Donald Trump was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back........ but he isn't the problem, but just one of many symptoms of how bad you have gotten to be. You are no longer the "Grand Old Party", and it is time you admit it.

   Time after time, I and other Christians and conservatives have voted for you, and time after time you have let us down. You promise us things, but like the carrot dangled in front of the donkey, we never get what is promised......we just keep following you along hoping you fulfill your promise this one time..... and you never do.

  We are like a prostitute that you have used and toss aside until the next time you need us. Just as the man cheating on his wife with a mistress, you have no intention of ever leaving what is truly important to you and giving us what we want and need.

You say you are pro-life, but never do anything to hinder or stop the murder of innocent babies.

You say you are for traditional marriage, but never do anything to protect the rights of Christians.

You say you are against Obamacare and will end it, but you never have and never will.

   In the last eight years, you have stepped aside and let Obama do pretty much everything he wants. You control the money, the House, and Senate, but you'd think the Democrats are in charge.........and would anything be different if they were?

 It is becoming increasingly clear to we who are awake that all you care about is money and your positions. You don't care about our rights, our values, or anything that is important to us.

  Rush Limbaugh has told a story several times about being at a Republican bash several years ago. Some prominent Republicans brought up Christians. They were wondering what to do about us.... they admitted they want and need our votes, but are sick of our morals and values. I believe him. It is obvious that we Christians are only valuable to the Republicans for our votes. Most of them have never had any intention of doing what we want them to do.

  And can I be blunt? We are pretty stupid. Every election, the Republicans put up a candidate that is less than ideal, but is better - or perceived better - than the evil and ungodly Democrat. They know that no matter how horrible their candidate is, we Christians and conservatives will do as they want us to do and vote for the candidate as long as we think they are better than the Democrat.

  The nomination of Donald Trump has awakened me. This man supported Hillary for years, was friends with her, and said she'd make a great president...... I can't be naive enough to think he has changed. Add to that his vulgarity, serial adultery, his strip clubs, his thin skin, the way he treated his Republican competition and their supporters, and more..... I am unconvinced he is any better than Hillary Clinton. For many of us, the Republican Party has finally put up a candidate that we can't be fooled into thinking they are the lesser of two evils.

  And why would I want to vote for evil anyway? As a Christian, I honestly feel I can't vote for the man. And that aside, I'd have to be an idiot to vote for him knowing what I know, and seeing and hearing what I have from him..... and no, I am not calling anyone an idiot who is voting for him. I said that I would have to be an idiot.

  I have checked into changing my registration to Independent..... but unfortunately in Ohio, you can only change your party during a primary election..... but mark this down, I will do it. I no longer identify as a Republican, and I will make this break-up final at the next primary election. You have fooled me too many times, and have demonstrated that you don't care about what I want.......if this was a dating relationship, I would have dumped you long ago, but the time has gone, Good-bye you pathetic excuse for a political party. I have never been more ashamed to be called a Republican.


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