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Saturday, September 17, 2016

I can hate you and hold a grudge if you don't vote for my candidate

   Could it possibly be that we Christians have given politics too high of a place in our lives? Yes, it is important who we put in office. Barack Obama has proven that to be true as he has done more damage to our freedoms and the security of our country than any other president. But does who we vote for and who we want as president take precedence over our Christianity and how we treat and feel towards our fellow Christians... or even non-Christians?

"If Hillary wins, I am going to blame you for not voting for Trump."

"If Hillary wins, I am going to blame you for nominating Trump for the GOP ticket."

  These are two of many things being said by Christians.

   This has been a vicious election. I don't believe I am letting my views of Donald Trump color my thinking when I say this,  but I believe he is largely responsible for the hatred, vitriol, and division in the Republican Party and among conservatives and Christians. The man has been a liberal all of his life, and he fought like a liberal in the primaries. He attacked his opponents, lied, spread tabloid stories, and encouraged violence... and it trickled down to many of his supporters. I was shocked and horrified at some of the things Trump supporters were posting... it was very much like Obama and his supporters... and I saw some things worse than what Obama's supporters have said.

  So I joined in and fought back. I called people names and posted some pretty harsh stuff myself aimed at people who were supporting this great divider. There has been a lot of vitriol and anger from all sides: pro-Trump, anti-Trump, pro-Hillary, anti-Hillary, pro-Bernie, anti-Bernie. What is saddest is the stuff that has been coming from we Christians.

Here is a newsflash for you if you are a Christian:

No, you cannot hold it against #nevertrumpers when Hillary wins the presidency.

No, you cannot hold it against pro-Trumpers when Hillary wins the presidency.

    Can we honestly say we are being like Jesus during this election? Yes, I am disgusted at the people who bypassed decent and conservative candidates and gave us a candidate who is so far removed from conservative and Christian values and morals that he's in another universe.....but does that give me the right to be angry with them, say harsh things to them, and write them off? Absolutely not. But I have.

   And even if - and that is a big if, for I don't agree - IF we #nevertrump people, by not voting for Trump,  ARE voting for Hillary....does that mean you can be angry with us and hold it against us when she wins? Uh, no way. Even if I went out and cast a vote for Hillary, that does not give any Christian the right to hold it against me, condemn me,  and be angry with me.

   Nowhere in the Bible does it say we can hate someone, be angry with them, and hold a grudge if they don't vote the way we want them to...... but you would think the way we have been acting that it isn't only in there, but that it is one of the commandments. "Thou shalt hate, hold a grudge against, and say all manner of evil things against those who don't vote like you"... the 11th commandment.

   I have tried to tone it down. I still have a lot of anger towards people who gave us these two horrible choices for president, and beyond disgusted by this election, our two horrible choices,  and the Republican Party. On election day, I am not voting for Hillary OR for Trump. Neither represent my values and morals, and I want neither for my president. I will be disappointed the day after election day no matter which one wins.

   However, no one has the right to be angry with me, to tell me it is my fault that Hillary wins, and to hold her win against me or anyone else. On the flip side of the coin, I nor anyone else has the right to be angry, to tell them it is their fault Hillary won, or yell and scream if Trump should win and turns out just like we expected and warned.

   I haven't arrived yet, but I am doing better. I am still frustrated with and have some anger towards people who voted for Trump in the primaries, and I don't believe any Christian or conservative should have voted for and supported him. But what is done is done, we all have to live with the choices those people have made, and we all have to let it go and trust God. Conservatism lost in the primaries, but God is still God and the church will survive whatever Hillary or Trump does to our country and freedoms.

   When the dust settles on the day after election day, and Hillary is most likely president... or just as bad, Trump is.... we will go on living our lives. If we truly serve Christ, will we be able to honestly say we honored God with not just how we voted, but how we acted towards those who didn't vote the way we wanted them to? I can't say that I have in the last few months, but with God's help I am still going to be #nevertrump, but minus the anger and finger pointing.

 We are first and foremost Christians - followers of Jesus and aiming to be like Him. Our politics, freedoms,  and voting are not exempt areas from that, but just more places we need to be like Him and love people.....no matter how they vote, or if they vote.

 I may still post an anti-Trump post occasionally, but am trying not to get personal or confrontational about it. And if you get angry and blame me when Hillary wins, talk to God about it.

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  1. I suppose that I haven't witnessed the viciousness in this election personally as you have. It's all of our responsibility to vote so the credit/blame is ours, without hate. My wife and I were in Ohio last week and visited your church, however we never met.