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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Opportunities to trust God

Praying to God for help trusting Him seems to be similar to praying for patience. When one prays for patience, God doesn't just make you more patient.... He often gives you things to practice patience. One of my weak areas is this area of trusting God, and I have been praying for help with it. Just as with praying for patience, I have been given opportunities to trust Him....and I haven't done so well.

  Last week, something happened that knocked me off balance and had me questioning God. Now, this week has decided to knock me off balance. Something came from way out of left field. I was angry, frustrated, and grumbled a lot to God. I got worked up, and didn't sleep well at all. I gave up on sleeping between 2:30 and 3:00, got my laptop, and browsed the 'net while snuggling under my cover. The Christian thing to do would have been to pray and read my Bible, but I was angry, discouraged, and very upset... so I browsed Facebook and blogs.

 After I got up and was getting around for work, I had my morning devotions. I am currently reading a daily prayer book in the mornings, and today's prayer was based on the verses in Romans about nothing separating us from God's love. As I got this fresh reminder of how God loves me no matter what I do, I was hit with remorse at failing yet again in this trust department. I serve an amazing, loving, and understanding God who is far more patient with me than I deserve or can ever imagine. As I prayed over my day, I repented of my attitudes and for failing to trust Him, and asked Him to work all of this out and to help me trust Him about it all.

  And now, a couple of hours later, it is still a concern to me, but I feel I am doing better trusting Him. I am thankful God is in control all of the time, even when I don't trust Him or fear He is not. Praying He helps me do better in this area.

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