Thoughts of a messed up Christian saved by God's grace

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still more random thoughts and questions

1) Why are guys who aren't into sports looked down on and often made fun of, but women who are into them are considered cool and awesome? Sounds like a bad way to gauge masculinity.

2) When it comes down to it, do we really want God to decide how we should dress, act, where we should go, etc., or do we want Him to agree with us on what we want?

3) What IS the real reason women insist they have the sole right to decide on the position of the toilet seat? If it is truly because it looks better, then put both lids down and put a big bow on it........

4) One of my favorite Bible stories is Esther. Too bad the movie stunk. Both of them.

5) Too many people go to church for the wrong reasons, and want to get out of the service what they want, not what God wants.

6) My church was so conservative at one point, that it was a battle to get an organ brought in and used. That was way before my time.

7) I'm not sure any church has the right to expect you to pay your tithe, yet deny you any say in what happens in the church.

8) I feel bad for the people who grew up in the 50's and 60's. The music from that time period is pathetic.

9) I absolutely detest Elvis Presley's singing.

10) There are Christians who would be more upset if you suggested Elvis might not have made it to Heaven, than if you claimed there was no God.

11) I believe sports is one of the major gods of America.

12) Too many people marry for the wrong reasons. People cannot bring happiness and fulfillment. Only God can.

13) Singleness can be really lonely, but I'd rather be single and lonely, than to be married and lonely

14) I like being around people who freely give hugs.

15) Often the scars people cannot see are the worst scars.

16) Looking back over the last 6 years, it seems our country has been on the wrong side of every issue.

17) One of the coolest things I own is an hourglass that is about 12 inches tall

18) One of the best things I ever personally did, was to be in the Big Brother's of America program.

19) To forgive is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when the guilty party shows no regret nor asks forgiveness.

20) For years, I was bullied and let myself be pushed around. Sometimes I fear that has made me be the opposite too much.

21) If I had to pick the person in the Bible I most related to, it would be the woman at the well.

22) Forget Lays chips...... can anyone eat just one of any chip?

23)I don't understand people who can keep the Sabbath, and don't. We are commanded to take a day of rest and do no work.... what kind of person turns that down?!

24) God is so much more patient with us than others are. And more patient with me than I am with myself.

25) I don't believe that once we are saved, that we can never do anything to miss Heaven, but neither do I believe salvation is as easy to lose as I have been led to believe.

26) People who curse have a limited vocabulary and have to make up for it by using curse words.

27) Why do people feel they need to ask single people why they aren't dating or married?

28) Some of the men who stand out to me as heroes and I admire most, are people I have come to know  through online blogs and social networks.

29) I need a vacation.

30) When we stand before God, we aren't going to wish we had dodged and reasoned around more things He said in His Word, but we may wish we had sought His will on more.

31) There are places Christians shouldn't go, music Christians shouldn't listen to, ways Christians shouldn't dress, ways Christians shouldn't talk, and ways Christians shouldn't act. We are not so much as like Jesus as we are like the world.

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