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Sunday, July 13, 2014

In favor of shaving

 I don't like beards. I think most men look better without them, and that most men who wear one could improve their looks a lot just by shaving. That said, this is a free country and we guys have the right to shave or not shave.

  But I have run across more than one person who claims that men who have beards are more manly. I disagree. It takes a whole lot more than hair on your face to be a real man, and many guys who have beards do not even come close to what makes a real man. It isn't a beard, sports, hunting, or muscles. It is things like integrity, compassion, serving God instead with all your heart.

  What got me on this post or rant, was something I saw on Facebook today. A friend commented on someone else's post who I do not know. The man who posted it has a beard and had this as his status:

Stat for the day: The average man will spend about 60 hours shaving every year. There is a cure for this dreadful waste of time. 

  The amount of time spent on doing something does not mean you should quit. If you add up the time I spent brushing my teeth, trimming my eyebrows, cutting fingernails and toenails,  etc, it would add up to a lot of time too, but one does not set aside good grooming habits just to save time...... and believe me, once a guy hits a certain age, there is hair growing in places it never grew before that must be done away with.

  It would seem a lot of men in the Bible wore beards. That is OK. They also didn't have deodorant, toothpaste, and a lot of other things we do today. I am sure they had ways to shave, but it wouldn't have been the easy and practical methods and tools we have today, so that is a poor argument.

  There are those who say beards are wrong. I disagree. As much as I dislike beards, there is o evidence that the Bible says they are wrong. In fact, they plucked Jesus's beard, so He evidently had one. There was a dear older lady that used to attend my church who felt so strongly about beards, that she refused to shake the hand of a man wearing one...... I told my family once, when she met Jesus in Heaven, she might be surprised if He had one on. Maybe He wouldn't.....will hair grow in Heaven? Hmm.

   I think one of the best cases against beards is the popular Duck Dynasty dudes. They really need to shave, or at least severely trim those messes. I can't see how their wives - and there are a couple of them who are very attractive - would want to live with that and have to kiss it. And if you ever wondered what they looked like under all that hair.......

  Now which would you prefer to see every day, and which faces would you prefer to kiss? :)

  I think there are some jobs where beards wouldn't be a good idea. i.e. waiter.... would you want someone like the DD guys bringing your food, cooking your food?

  In today's world, where we have great tools for shaving, clean-shaven seems to be such a better choice...... and why cover up your face..... although some people do need to cover it up :)

 And again, it is a guy's business if he goes with a beard, but it does not make a man more manly, and I have the right to like clean-shaven more, as they have the right to like a beard more. But might I add... they call it clean-shaven for a reason. And I shudder to think of what I'd look like in a beard. Sure, shaving gets old, but its better than my not doing it.

  In closing, I read an amusing story in Reader's Digest a few years back: A young man had grown a beard against the advice and wishes of his family. They thought he looked pretty bad in one. One evening he was waiting on a street corner waiting to cross. A car stopped at the red light that had a young woman in it. She looked at him, her eyes widened, and she reached over and locked her car doors. He went home and shaved his beard off.

  I don't tell that story to try to say bearded men are bad characters...... but it can make some men look like bad characters. To shave or not, it is a man's freedom to do so, but it isn't always a good idea to toss the razor aside.

  And if you think its a waste of time to spend 60 hours a year on shaving, then pray for people as you shave. Praying is never a waste of time.

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