Thoughts of a messed up Christian saved by God's grace

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More random deep and not so deep thoughts and questions

1) You are not in good hands with Allstate. That may be their slogan, but it isn't what they deliver

2) Solomon said it is better to dwell on the housetop than in a house with a contentious woman. Having 300 concubines, 700 wives and mothers-in-law, he most likely spent some time on the housetop

3) It is better to be single and wish you were married, than to be married and wish you were single.

4) Singleness can be lonely, but so can marriage..... and it is worse to be married and lonely than single and married.

5) God does let us have more than we can handle. Otherwise, we wouldn't feel we needed Him.

6) People should have to ask to have mayonnaise on their sandwiches, instead of we people who don't like it having to ask to have it left off.

7) If men talked about "stuff" more often, they might not die before women so often.

8) Real men DO cry. Jesus wept.

9) I cry in books and movies. And at weddings, when I went to them.

10) I don't go to weddings. The last one I was at was my little sister's, 14 years ago.

11) Tattoos are permanent proof of temporary insanity

12) Why does the groom rent a tux, but the bride spends a ton of money to buy a dress she will wear once?

13) Why is the wedding day all about the bride, when there are 2 people getting married?

14) And why do they make bridesmaids dresses so ugly?

15) TV in and of itself is not evil, but it has a lot of bad on it and has had more bad influence on American culture and morality, than good

16) If we are truly "once-saved, always-saved", then why does the devil fight us so hard as Christians, and why are there so many warnings in the Bible to Christians?

17) I love the Chronicles of Narnia books and movies, and have read the books several times and watched the movies several times

18) Facebook is given a bad rap by a lot of people, but I have made some great friends and gotten a lot of encouragement and help on there. Yes, there is bad, but everything has some bad.... even church and Christians.

19) Too many Christians are fitting the Bible around what they want, instead of conforming their lives to the Bible.

20) Of all Christians, I feel the weakest and lowest.

21) I really do blame Eve, not Adam for the fall of man.

22) I'd like to live in Amish country. I love it there.

23) Of all the things in life I regret, not being a father is towards the top of the list.

24) I wish it was around 70 degrees 365 days of the year.

25) If I never saw snow again, I'd be OK with that.

26) I really do think people who like winter are weird. I still like them, but they're weird

27) I believe it is better to read a few verses of Scripture and really get what you read, then to read several chapters and only be able to say you read several chapters

28) I want my Christianity to be more than a checklist of items I mark off each day and week that I did, just because doing them means I am OK.

29) How does a hot and cold thermos know when to keep something hot, and when to keep something cold?

30) I don't think even my best friend understands how much I truly hate sports, and how deeply I have been scarred because of sports.

31) No kid should be forced to play sports. I don't care if every kid in school is playing that sport for gym class, it is wrong and can be destructive to force a kid who is not good at sports and doesn't like sports, to play them. I am the poster child for that.

32) Of all the sports out there, I view football as the worst, and the one that makes the least sense. Soccer makes the most sense.

33) I still view golf as something old men in ugly plaid shorts play

35) Most of the people on my "wish I could meet" list are authors

36) I rarely read a secular book or listen to secular music..... it isn't I feel it is wrong, though I do believe it should be a small part of what we read and listen to, it is just like something is missing when I read secular fiction and listen to secular music.

37) I wish I could go barefoot all the time..... or at least wear sandals

38) Whoever invented the tie was an idiot

39) The third verse of The Love of God was written on the wall of an insane asylum by an inmate.

40) All people who write and sing rap music belong in an insane asylum

41) The first time I heard Justin Bieber singing, I thought it was a girl singing. Honest.

42) I was made fun of for my singing in choir as a kid at school, and to this day I am self conscious about my singing.

43) I think Dolly Parton is cool. I don't listen to her music, but she is cool. Much cooler than Justin Bieber

44) Samson may have been strong, but he must have been really stupid to fall for Delilah's tricks so many times

45) Obama is either a Muslim, or he likes them a lot more than Americans and Christians in general.

46) I love covered bridges

47) I think my cell phone is smarter than I am

48) I hate it when a girl chases a guy

49) Why are older women who like younger men called cougars, but older men who like younger women are called perverts?

50) Some bags of candy are harder to get into than a bottle of pills with a child proof lid

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