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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

God's Not Dead, but Noah Is

Christians all over have been abuzz and excited for several months, since finding out Hollywood was going to produce a movie about Noah. I was skeptical. This is the same Hollywood that is anti-God, anti-Christian, immoral, pro-gay..... the idea of them producing a movie about Noah that stuck to the Bible, seemed ludicrous to me.

   I started reading reviews a couple of weeks ago of people who had seen it, and they were not complimentary. Conservative radio host Glen Beck just gave a scathing review of it on his website.

  Ken Ham, from Answers In Genesis had friends see it and give him the run down, and he lists some problems with the movie on his website.

   And yet, I have seen several Christians via Facebook groups and other mediums urge people to go see it.

   I am not going to knock anyone for seeing it. That is your prerogative, but just because Hollywood makes a movie that is supposedly based on a Bible story/character, does that mean we must get excited about it and watch it, in spite of its flaws? Will it make Hollywood pro-God and pro-Christian? I can't see that happening.

  But again, I am not condemning anyone for seeing it. I am just questioning why so many Christian leaders and groups are urging people to see it, in spite of the bad.

  The same thing happened with The Bible mini series. It was going to stick to the Bible account, and I heard people raving about how wonderful it was. So when it came out on DVD, I watched prices, and got it for $14.99, new, free shipping on eBay. And man, was I disappointed. I never finished it. I saw many things that didn't stick to the Bible account. One that really stuck out to me was when the prophet Nathan confronted David about his sin with Bathsheba. In the Bible account, David is sorrowful and repentant. In the Bible mini series, he is arrogant and mocking....

  I just reviewed a book about the Easter story, that was based on the mini series, and again...... disappointment. Why change details and the way things happened?

  And here is my biggest problem with all of these people urging Christians to see the Hollywood produced, un-Biblically accurate Noah: There is another movie playing in theaters right now, independently produced by Christians, with a lot of, possibly all, Christian actors. But these same people urging us to see Noah, are silent. Why? Is it because Hollywood didn't produce it, so they feel there's no need to get excited about it?

  The movie? God's Not Dead. Unlike Noah, people who have seen it are giving it rave reviews, and are not finding it contradictory to the Bible at all. So why aren't the pro-Noah people urging us to see it? It sounds worth seeing, unlike Noah.

  I've seen the trailer for the movie, read the reviews, read comments from actors in the movie, and I plan on seeing it when it hits DVD. Granted, not all Christian movies are of good quality and acting, but this one seems to be, and there have been others.... so if we are going to get so gung-ho about a movie, how about getting excited about one produced by Christians that sounds like it is going to glorify God? Why support a movie that isn't Biblically accurate, just because wicked Hollywood used a Bible story to base the movie on? That is kind of like eating a pile of trash because there is a food you really like buried in the middle of it. Doesn't make sense.

  But again, I am not condemning anyone who is going to see it. That is your prerogative, but make sure you leave time to see a movie that might be more worth your time and money: God's Not Dead.

  We all need to be more careful in what we read, watch, spend our time and money on. If we are going to watch movies, we should be careful what we view. I shop a lot at Family Christian Stores, and am amazed at the selection of movies they carry that are either Christian, or at least inspirational and wholesome. And no, not all of them are good quality, but that is what Amazon reviews and other website reviews are for. Many times, I have stood in a store and looked up reviews for a book, DVD, or even a CD, before I bought it.

 I have said it before, if Christians don't buy Christian books, movies, and music, then who will?

 God's not dead, but Noah is. And Noah sounds Biblically inaccurate, but God's Not Dead sounds right on target. I know which one I want to see. And it doesn't involve a flood.


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