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Saturday, March 1, 2014

We are all Americans..... or are we?

I read a news story this week that really ticked off every American bone I have. In short, back on the 5th of May, a few high school boys wore patriotic t-shirts to school. They were told to turn them inside out to avoid offending and inflaming the Mexican students who were celebrating their big holiday, Cinco De Mayo. The actual news story ran back in May, and I think the kids were sent home for refusing to turn their t-shirts inside out, so the incident went to court.

 This past week, a 3-judge panel ruled against the boys and said the school was right and had a right to ask them to turn their shirts inside out. That there was danger of the Latino kids causing problems if there were American patriotic T-shirts worn. News story here.

  I have some thoughts on this, which may not be original, but maybe some of them are:

1) It is wrong to punish the white kids because a bunch of Latino thugs might cause trouble. If the Latinos cause trouble, kick THEM out, not the kids wearing T-shirts.

2) This is America. This school is in America. It is a sad day when Americans can't display something patriotic because it might offend someone of another nationality. Which brings up my next point:

3) People of minorities claim they want equal treatment and rights. If that is the case, then these Latino kids should have no problem with American patriotic t-shirts being worn on ANY day... are they Americans, or are they Mexicans? And no, I am not saying they have to throw everything Mexican off or not celebrate their holiday, but do they want to be treated as Americans, or as Mexicans.... do they want equal rights, or special rights?

The thing is, whether they are gay, Latino, black, female, or green... a lot of minorities don't want equal rights. They want special rights and treatments. Am I the only one who notices that a white straight male is the only person who cannot be discriminated against, who cannot be the victim of a hate crime?

And when I say he cannot be, I am saying he can be, but the law, media, and liberals refuse to admit it is possible.

I sat in on a harassment meeting for employees at my last job, and the lady leading it was listing all of these people who were protected under the law from harassment at work. When she finished, I spoke up "So basically, everyone is protected except for straight white males?" She smiled and agreed.

If Latinos come to this country legally and become a citizen, they are American first, Latino second. They should not be mad at American patriotic t-shirts on any day - they are Americans! And if they are offended, they need to go back to the country they want to identify with, or shut up.

4) Would these same people who expected the boys to turn their t-shirts inside out, expect Latinos to do the same on an American patriotic holiday if they had a t-shirt proclaiming a pro-Latino country? I seriously doubt it. We whites are not a minority, so we have no rights.

I am not a racist, but am weary of being accused of one. I abhor Obama and didn't vote for him because I listened and researched what his politics were about. His extreme pro-abortion views were enough for me not to vote for him, but there was plenty else.... I don't care what color someone is, I vote for their politics. We should never vote for someone or not vote for someone because of their color..... either is racism.

5) In agreeing with this stupid deal of asking these boys to turn their t-shirts inside out to avoid stirring up the Latinos, the judges and school are all admitting something: Their Latino kids are a problem. If they were not, they wouldn't worry.... so who is racist in this case?

  This is America. It is time we stop worrying about offending the Muslims, Mexicans, and whoever else is coming to live here. You don't go to another country and remain loyal to the one you left. You don't go to another country and expect them to coddle and agree with your politics and religious beliefs.... no, if you become a citizen of a America, for example, you're not what you were. You are American. Start acting like it, or go back home.

And no, I am not anti-immigrant. I AM anti-illegal immigrant. I am just weary of people coming to America and expecting us to cave to them, expecting us to give them special rights and arrange our laws and politics to make them happy. This is America.

If it were up to me, I'd have every kid in that school wear an American patriotic t-shirt on Cinco De Mayo and every other day of the year. America. Love it, or leave it.

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  1. I agree with every point, man! Excellent post. Reminds me of my thoughts every time I have to "press 1 for English" when I call an American company, from America!