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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Covenant Eyes

I just became an affiliate for Covenant Eyes, and will receive a commission if I get enough sales through my blogs.

  What is Covenant Eyes? It is an accountability program for your computer, phone, or tablet.

  There are two different plans available:
  1) Accountability. With this, no website is blocked, but people of your choosing will receive a weekly report showing all sites you have been on, all searches, and all apps used on your cell phone or tablet. It can be set for different levels to flag, and more than one user can be added, i.e. if you want a different account for your kids.

 2) Filtering. Filtering blocks certain kinds of sites. The administrator can add sites to block, or OK sites that it might block.


First Username Additional Usernames
Accountability $8.99/mo. $2.00/mo.
Filtering $4.99/mo. $1.50/mo.
Both $10.49/mo. $3.50/mo.

To uninstall either method, you have to ask for an uninstall code - via the website. Anyone who is on as your accountability partner will receive notice that you uninstalled it.

I have been using the accountability version for a while now and have had no problems. Nothing seems to run any slower. I have it on my PC, laptop, Kindle Fire, and cell phone.

If you read this, and are interested, you can try it one month for free. Just click on the ad for it in the sidebar of my blog, not on the logo in this blog post.

For more information, visit the Covenant Eyes Website.

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