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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gay arguments: what does gay mean?

There is a big move on in this country to normalize homosexuality and if you disagree, you will face nasty name-calling, and in some instances, persecution. As with any other sin,  many churches are accepting it and letting people claim to be Christians while living in sin as a gay person. Some are even letting openly gay people be in the clergy.

  And they have their arguments that they use to try to prove God is OK with them living that way. That He is OK with them deciding their sexuality is more important to them than obeying what God says about it. So they reason and argue and come up reasons the Bible does not really mean homosexuality is wrong today.

  I don't claim to be all-wise, or even that smart, but I have run across these arguments and have argued against them with people. I decided to dedicate a few blog posts to combating these pro-gay arguments. I am sure others could do better and  say more, but I shall give it my best shot.

  And let me say the church does need to do more to reach gay people, and especially those in their midst who are afraid to tell anyone what they are struggling with. Compassion, love,  and understanding is needed, but not acceptance and letting people believe a lie. I am convinced there will be people who will miss Heaven because of this issue, and there will be people they will hate at the judgement because here on earth they patted them on the shoulder and told them they were OK the way they were. They aren't. Anyone living in sin contrary to God's Word is not OK.

And maybe I should define what I mean by gay. The most used meaning of it in the world is a person attracted to the same gender and has sex or a sexual relationship with the same gender. The latter part is what the Bible says is wrong. Being attracted to people of the same gender isn't wrong, no more wrong than being attracted to the opposite sex. Both have to battle lust and not go past noticing someone is attractive. Granted, heterosexuals can marry the object of their attraction while it is never OK with God for people to marry the same gender they are attracted to.

  A common misconception among Christians, is that if someone is attracted to the same sex, they are sinning. Not so.

  I actually break gay people into 3 categories, though someone else might do it differently:

1) The out and proud, the ones who march in parades, sue bakeries and photographers, and try to force everyone to not just tolerate them and their sin, but totally accept it and accept their demands.

2) Those who are gay and live it out quietly. Some may not want people to know, some may not care. They just want left alone and to stay out of the spotlight and to have sex and/or a relationship with others of the same sex.

3) The struggler. He or she is attracted to the same sex, and know homosexuality is wrong. They are everywhere. You work with them, worship with them. They are your sons and daughters, your mother and dad. your cousins, your best friends..... and many of them feel they must hide it. They are fighting a battle that is hard to fight, and all too many fight it alone, afraid to tell anyone what they are dealing with. This category is one I don't think should bear the label of "gay". Gay is an identity, and it is sad anyone wants that identity, but those who are serving God, denying their flesh, and living according to God's Word, do not deserve the label of gay. They should wear the label "Christian".

  So for the purpose of these few blogs I am going to do, gay is going to refer to people who are attracted to the same sex, and has sexual relations with the same sex.

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