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Saturday, March 8, 2014

If God had Facebook

I love Facebook. I probably spend more time on it than I should, but I like having that connection to people. I like to read the funny stuff people post, pictures of kids and grandkids,  the encouraging quotes, songs,  and stories, keep up with friends, relatives, and authors. There are groups I am a member of that encourage me, help put me in contact with others who share my love of books, attend my church, or share the same struggles I share.

 Likewise, I post things meant to be encouraging, pictures of my nieces and nephews, songs that I like or are encouraged by, things I'd post in a diary that I post in public since I don't have one....and things I think are funny. At least I find them funny. Sometimes no one "likes" my joke or funny story, not even my family. I am sure if there was a "roll your eyes" option, they'd use that on my jokes, as they do that in real life.

  I am reading a really good book that I am about halfway through, and as I was reading it, the odd thought came to my mind, "what if God had a Facebook page?"

  Admittedly, it is a weird thought. But what if He did? What would He post? Who would He add as a friend? What would He "like"? How much time would He spend on Facebook?

 I set my book down and thought about this. Really deep thinking for me, I know. And yeah, the idea of God having a Facebook page is ludicrous. But really, what if He did?

 I am just starting to plumb the depths of God's love and have come to some amazing realizations about God's love. One is there is nothing we can do to cause Him to love us any more, or any less. He loves all of us enough to die for us, and oh yeah - He did.

 Ever send someone a friend request on Facebook, and they refused? That has happened to me. Well, God would never do that. And I have had people delete me. Usually because they like Obama and I don't. It doesn't matter if you like Obama or not, God would accept your friend request and never delete you. You're a murderer on death row? God would accept your request. Your name is Adolf Hitler? He'd welcome you. You're the soldier who nailed Jesus to the cross? He'd send you a request before you dared think about sending Him one.

 What would He post? I had a "moment" when I thought about this. Just as we post pictures of our loved ones, so would He. His wall would be filled with pictures of His children: us. I actually cried thinking about God posting my picture on His Facebook wall. Sound dumb? Not at all. As Max Lucado once said, "if God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it." If a smart guy like Max Lucado can say that, then is it that strange to imagine God would put my picture on His Facebook wall? After all, He doesn't have a refrigerator either.

  People also tend to post things their kids did. I post things my nieces and nephews do. I imagine God would do the same. "Mark was tempted today, but ran the other way. I'm proud of Him." "Mark prayed today and didn't ask me for anything. He just praised and worshiped me."

  We also post prayer requests. God would most likely do the same thing. "pray for Mark, He is really discouraged," Pray for Mark, he is starting a new position at work and is worried and has some fears about it." (That one is true)

  What would He "like"? Things like "we had a really good service at church. God's presence was really there." Obama is a terrible president. (as much as I'd like to think He would, I doubt He'd "like" something like that), He'd like positive things. Things that lifted people up, things that lifted Him up and glorified Him.

 But more than anything, I think He'd go on everyone's Facebook pages daily, maybe multiple times, and put three little words, over and over:

  I don't believe He'd be into making us feel better by "liking" the random things we post. He wouldn't indulge in arguing or debating, but He'd be all about love. Telling His Facebook friends that He loves them, posting pictures of them, bragging on them........ and anyone in the world would be on His friend's list. Not only would He accept any friend request He got, He would send everyone He knew a friend request, and that is everyone who is breathing.

  Now as I said, the idea of God having a Facebook page is crazy, but it has been a moving experience for me to imagine for a few minutes of what His page would be like. I know these things about it:

I'd be accepted as His friend - in fact, He would send me a request first
He'd post pictures of me
He'd brag on me
He'd tell me He loved me, and often.


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