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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hell, shorts, and spiritual health

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1) Hell

  There is a (somewhat) new belief on the horizon. It is being preached and believed by way too many people who call themselves Christian: There is no hell. Everyone will go to Heaven in the end because God loves us too much to let anyone spend an eternity in hell. There is even a name for this belief: universalism. It is espoused by such people as Rob Bell and William Paul Young, the author of the controversial book The Shack.

 It is a pretty bold - and heretical - thing to do to declare there is no hell. After all, you are daring to disagree with the God of all gods, your maker and redeemer. You are basically saying you know better than hundreds of years of theologians in addition to God Himself.

 I constantly see people sharing things by or praising men who have this very, very wrong belief. Should we as Christians have anything to do with a person or their books who have such heretical ideas and teachings......even if they are in a fiction book that makes us feel good?

Hell IS real, and many of the people claiming no one will go there, may end up there themselves.

2) Shorts

 Am I the only one to notice and wonder why this is: the average woman wears shorts showing most of her thigh and often barely covers their butt and underwear. The average man wears shorts to or below the knee. Do a bunch of perverts design women's shorts, or do women want to show more of their bodies....or both?

3) Spiritual health

  As I am having to be more careful again about what I eat due to my high sugar, the thought has hit me that we tend to worry more about our physical health than spiritual. We should be more concerned about what we are taking into our minds, ears, and eyes that are bad for us spiritually than what we are eating.

4) He who cannot be criticized

  I am still glad I voted the way I did this past election - against The Donald and Hillary. I still am disgusted my party stooped so low and exhibits such a huuuuge double standard.

5) Vacation

  The beach is only 17 days away........ but who is counting?! (We all are!)

  I may attempt a picture of the sunrise on the ocean again. A few years back, I attempted that.....and it was too cloudy. I got up early and sat on the beach for nothing. Is it worth another try?

6) Deplorables

  Do the people who proudly wear that name even know what it means?

7) Family

  My family got together last night for my mom's birthday. I am thankful we are so close and have so much fun together. There is a lot of laughing, and no bickering.....something unusual in families today.

8) ER visit

  My sugar is what turns out to be causing me my problems lately, It was high enough yesterday that I went to the Emergency Department. They gave me an IV, instructions, and a prescription for 1000 mg a day of pills. I took today off from work as I am still feeling out of it, but am planning on going tomorrow.....prayers appreciated.

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