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Saturday, May 6, 2017

May musings

I have felt like blogging lately, but haven't had the energy...... but while I have a little bit, I am going to attempt one. It will be various topics, and that way I can stop when I feel like it :)

 And you can pick and choose which ones to read and which to pass on.......

 Also, May musings made for good alliteration.  :)

1) My health

  My depression has been better lately due to new meds, and I thought it was affecting me in some various ways. I have been majorly fatigued during the day, often afraid to drive and feeling almost unable to function. I checked my sugar today, and it was alarmingly high, and one symptom of high sugar is fatigue and difficulty sleeping.... among some other issues I am having.

 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last March, but got my weight and sugar down low enough that I got off meds for it...... but unfortunately, I didn't keep at it.

 And I am tired of napping so much, but the fatigue forces me to doing it.

2) Politics

  It has been interesting watching the political spectrum as someone who voted Independent. Obama supporters are criticizing things in Trump that Obama did, and vice versa. Are we truly bothered by things a president does wrong, or only when it is someone of the opposite party?

3) Gaither DVDs

  I have found it to be very relaxing and encouraging to watch Gaither Homecoming DVDs. I have been fortunate to find some for next to nothing recently at used stores and on eBay. There is the occasional artist and/or song I don't care for, but that is what the fast forward and skip buttons are for.

4) Makeup

  Speaking of Gaither DVDs,,,,, I just watched one where 2 sisters in a group had on purple eye shadow. How and why did painting one's eyelids become a thing? I personally think it makes women look ridiculous, and not unlike a raccoon. Why stop at the eyelids? They should do the nose too :)

And what is up with the lips.....it looks creepy. :-p

And isn't it odd that the only place make-up is mentioned in the Bible, is where it mentions Jezebel putting it on.........

If women are the fairer sex, why do they need makeup to look better, while we guys don't?

5) Birthday

  My birthday is only 20 days away, and I am not excited about turning another year older. This past year went too fast, and the guy in the mirror is getting older with not much to show for it,

6) Bread

 I love bread...... and it is something diabetics need to cut waaaaay back on. Yuk.

7) Paymore and not-the-best-buy

  It pays to shop around even for lesser purchases. I could have gotten the sandals I wanted at Payless for $29.99 on sale, and found them at Walmart for $16.72...... so much for "payless". Should be "paymore shoes".

 I have also noticed that Best Buy does not always have the "best buy". Irony, you show  yourself well in these 2 stores.

 And I really needed new sandals..... if the weather ever stays warm and dry enough to wear them.

8) Animals

  I used to be grossed out by animals in the house. I have come to realize that animals in general gross me out. Kittens and puppies are OK, but other than that...... yuk. I am definitely not an animal lover. Unless of course, it is fried chicken, stuffed turkey, bacon, etc...... :)

9) Vacation

 My entire family leaves the day after my birthday for a week at the ocean. I wish I could stay there. I am looking forward to it, and looking forward to  the hot tub, swimming pool, and every bedroom having its own bathroom..... yeah!

 One thing we are doing different this year is touring the Coast Guard Station there. I have never toured one, and am looking forward to it.

10) Humor

  A lot of people tease me about my jokes being lame/dumb, but I am thankful for the sense of humor I have, Not discounting God, but I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have my sense of humor. I thank God for it, even if no one else does. :)

11) House

 I still haven't found a house. My broker occasionally sends me one to check out, but I have seen nothing I like lately. It is discouraging.

12) At least it isn't snow

 I don't think the majority of us are thankful enough. I have thought to myself "at least it isn't snow" a lot this past week. It has rained and rained, and been cooler than I prefer, but I have consoled myself with that thought that at least it isn't snow.

 But what if we applied  that kind of thinking to other things in life? When something bad happens, what if we think "at least it isn't _____"?

13) Work

  I am still not happy with my job, and don't know what to do about it. I need it, and I need the health  insurance it provides. I have a hard time standing for 10 hours, there is too much pressure to always be on a "high", and there are a few other issues.

14) Piano

  I have not been playing the piano as much lately as I would like, mostly due to this fatigue affecting all I do..... but I did try to play the Point of Grace song "Jesus Will Still Be There" unsuccessfully. For some songs, I  need the music as some are too difficult to pick out by ear.

15) Funniest music moment

  I was reminded recently of my funniest gaffe when playing in church. I had recently learned to play the organ, as all our organ players had left in a church split. My Sunday School teacher and I both taught ourselves to play it, not a difficult task if you play the piano.

 Her mother-in-law had died and I was asked to play the organ for the funeral service. I tended to play loud and fast, so I was doing my best to play softly and slowly. And then it happened: the pastor led the congregation in My Jesus, I Love Thee. I was playing too softly, and he led in a different key than I was playing. It sounded horrible, and the deceased family was about in tears from trying not to laugh.

 That was my one and only time to play for a funeral, but I did learn something. :)

  And that is all for now

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  1. Lovely to see you seem to be better from the depression. And also to learn more about a friend! I had no idea you played the piano!