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Friday, May 19, 2017

Captain America, Joshua, and me

Another post I wrote a while back and never published, so here it is:   

I have a confession. I love superheroes. I love superhero movies: Captain America, Superman, Batman...and the list goes on.

  On a recent trip to Walmart, I noticed an large long pillow with Captain America on...... and I wanted it. I talked myself out of it, telling myself I was too old for that; plus it would get in the way. I was shopping there again later, and saw some really cool Captain America figures in the toy department..... and I wanted one. Again, I talked myself out of it for the same reasons. And then I saw them: t-shirts.....Captain America t-shirts for $7.50. ADULT Captain America t-shirts. I didn't even try to talk myself out of that one, and in the cart when one in my size.

  My attempts to be careful with what kind of movies I watch does stop me from viewing a lot of movies out there where good triumphs over evil, something I think is a major drawing point in superhero movies. I love to see the bad guy get taken down by the hero, and if no one is around I often cheer or clap my hands.

 Yeah, I know it is just a movie.....and I do the same thing in books. There is just something about it when someone triumphs over evil and the bad guy and comes out on top.

  The Bible is full of similar kinds of stories: Joshua and Jericho, Elisha getting the best of Ahab and Jezebel, Samson taking out Philistines, Jesus conquering sin, death, and the devil. It seems God has put something in us that we want to see good win, injustices made right, our team to win....

    What if we approached life like that, especially living the Christian life? What if instead of fearing temptation and trials, we welcomed it with the heart of a hero or warrior? Captain America or Superman taking out a bad guy is nothing compared to saying no to temptation and living a life that pleases God.

  Life scares the daylights out of me at times. I get discouraged and depressed, and weary of fighting the battle. And yet, I love to see these made up superheroes conquer evil and come out the winner.....

  These superheroes have flaws and are not invincible. Superman has his kryptonite, and all of the other superheroes have their weaknesses; but the God we serve has none. We do, but He can get us through whatever comes our way.

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  1. Hey man, I love superheroes too! I wanna be strong like them and have super ability to do things no one else can. Even the costume, alright maybe not the costume, but to be that guy? Man, wouldn't that be cool. Truth be told, it's probably just wanting to be cool too. There's something better tho, isn't there