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Friday, January 6, 2017

Planned Parenthood....... hands that shed innocent blood

I am a bit radical in some areas.

 I believe abortion is murder, the murder of the most innocent of lives.

 I believe life begins at conception, and that the Bible backs that up.

 I don't believe in exceptions for rape and incest, for one doesn't punish the baby for the sins of it's father.

 I believe no Christian should ever vote for a candidate who is not pro-life, which is one reason I couldn't vote for Donald Trump..... I have yet to see evidence that he is pro-life.

I believe Planned Parenthood should be de-funded, and that no tax dollars should ever be given to any business that kills babies.

  I know that the people who hold all of those views are rare, and are not looked upon favorably by even other Christians.

  In Proverbs 6, there are some things listed that God hates, one of them being hands that shed innocent blood. If someone can come up with more innocent blood to shed than babies in the womb, I'd like to see what  that would be.

 It would seem that we Christians have become calloused to this holocaust that has been going on for far too long in our country, and across the world. We have become used to the fact that it is legal for a woman to lie on a table and allow people to go in and rip apart her baby, often because it isn't convenient to have the baby, and/or they don't want the consequences of their careless and "free" sex.

 I have heard the arguments..... "if it isn't legal, women will do it in back alleys with coat hangers, and might die or be hurt seriously." Good! Sound harsh? Stay with me as I paint a picture: Say an evil man tries to kill some people, but is taken out before he manages to do it.....we rejoice. We say he got what we deserved, and are happy lives were saved. Now what if a person was going to kill a small child and dies in the attempt? Again, we would rejoice he was taken out and the child was safe. So is it that bad to say a  woman gets what she deserves who is trying to have her baby ripped apart in the womb and dies in the attempt?

  You see, we have whitewashed this murder of innocents so much, that we are more concerned about the safety of the murderers,  than the fact that millions of these innocent lives are being ripped apart so the mothers aren't inconvenienced.

  And yes, I get the fact that there are women who have been raped and are victims of incest, but it would seem better to have the baby than to kill it and suffer the effects that women suffer, not to speak of the dangers of abortion on the mother, There are women and girls going into abortion clinics who had no choice about getting pregnant..... but does that make killing the baby OK? Is it less of a murder, is God OK with someone He created being ripped a part?

 I also get on rare occasions, the mother's life is at risk....but very rare.

 As for de-funding Planned Parenthood, I am all for it. The idea that taxes taken from us is helping to pay for killing babies is a horrible truth that we should not have let happen. Undercover work has shown that Planned Parenthood has encouraged young girls to keep quiet about being molested. They have been shown to sell baby parts.... and yet there are Christians who don't want them de-funded, as if the good things they supposedly do make up for all of the murders that lie at their door.

 If God does indeed hate hands that shed innocent blood - and His Word says that He does..... then what do you suppose HE things of Planned Parenthood? Does He look at the good they supposedly do and ignore the very, very evil and horrible things they do? No, He doesn't work like that. God doesn't have the scale of good and evil that we have.

 And if God does hate hands that shed innocent blood, how can we crawl in bed with those who do, or with those who defend and fund them? How can we vote time after time, election after election for those who not only support their cause of killing babies, but celebrate it and try to force it on all of us?

 We would never vote for men who advocated killing toddlers. We would be 100% against funding a place where toddlers were brought in and cruelly murdered......yet because the baby is where we can't see it, we aren't bothered that much by it, and continue to put people in office who want this most innocent of blood shed, and who are gaining financially from those murders.

 Some day we will all stand before God. What if He asks us why we didn't do more to fight this horrific evil? What if He asks us why we voted for people determined to keep it legal? What if He asks us why we didn't want to de-fund the biggest provider of legal murder in our country? The pathetic excuses we offer here won't hold up there, and we probably wouldn't have the nerve to voice them in front of the God who hates the shedding of innocent blood, and who created each of these lives being taken so easily.

  This past election woke me up in more than one way. For the first time in my voting life, I could not vote for the Republican candidate, and this was one reason. It was a small thing to do, and that wasn't the only reason I voted Independent.... but we need to do so much more. It isn't enough to consistently vote pro-life. We need to do more. May God help us to wake up and fight this horrible evil that so many have become too used to.

I am a Christian who is 100% against the shedding of innocent blood, and against those who do it.

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