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Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 was a horrible year because William Pugh died

 I am not big on celebrities. They get paid too much, the majority of them seem to hate true Christianity and Christians, they generally are self-centered and wouldn't give the average American a second look.

 Sure, there are some I like. I love superhero movies, and Chris Evans is awesome as Captain America. Chris Pratt has done and said some really cool things that make him stick out more than the average celebrity who claims to be a Christian. And there are some I can't handle: the ladies on the View, Lady Gaga, that guy who did the Apprentice show, and others.

   But they are no better than any of us. They will all go to meet God the same as we average people will, and He won't be impressed with their celebrity status. If they haven't truly served Him here on earth, they won't go to Heaven no matter how many people here on earth say "rest in peace" or "they are in a better place", etc. If they were not a true follower of Jesus here on earth, they will spend an eternity in hell.

 There are a lot of people making a big deal over all of the celebrities who died in 2016, and they go on and on about how horrible of a year 2016 was because of these celebrity deaths. You'd have thought it was the tragedy of the century that the chick from Star Wars or Star Trek died....... I have no idea which is which, nor how they are different.

 But you know what? William Pugh died in 2016 too...... does that make 2016 any worse for these people bemoaning celebrity deaths? Who was he, you ask? He was some random guy who came up when I Googled "2016 obituaries" - that's who he was. No, he wasn't in Star Wars or Star Trek, he doesn't seem to have done anything the shallow celebrities do...... but he was someone's father and grandfather. People loved him and mourned when he died.

  I get it.... celebrities are people too....... but if we are so addicted to entertainment and so caught up in the people making music and TV shows and movies to entertain us, that we think a while year is a horrible year because some of these people died who entertain us......then maybe we are too focused on entertainment and not enough on what matters.

 And I am not saying you should never be sad when a celebrity dies....... but come on.....to make a year out to be horrible because someone you don't know personally but was simply entertained about.....that is crazy talk.

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