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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Marrying your best friend.........

 **if you are one who says you married your best friend and don't get my humor and sarcasm, you may want to avoid reading this post.... you have been warned.

   There are things people post on Facebook that bug me: sports, posts asking me to type amen if I love Jesus, anything pro-Trump (or any other liberal), and the "I married my best friend!" posts.

 I just think they're kind of weird, and they raise all sorts of questions.....

   I didn't have a best friend until 11 years ago.......and here is a newsflash: my best friend is a guy.... so if I posted I was marrying my best friend...... well, that would be weird. It would also unfortunately be legal....... but still weird. And wrong.

  But here is the thing: most of these people posting "I married my best friend!", had a best friend of the same sex at one point. And that is what raises my questions:

At what point did their best friend of the same gender cease to be their best friend, and their girlfriend or boyfriend become their best friend?

Do they tell their best friend that they aren't their best friend anymore, and how? "Sorry dude, it isn't you, it is her........."

If the best friend is married, and he's your best friend and his wife is his best friend, how does that work? Is he actually your best friend if his wife is his?

  Doesn't asking the used-to-be-best friend to be your best man or maid of honor become a bit awkward? "Dude, I know you were my best friend before she came along, and I know I kind of tossed you aside, but would you be my best man - no, your're not being reinstated as my best friend, it's just I'm marrying her, so she can't be my best man........"

  But seriously, when does it happen that the best friend of the same gender ceases to be the best friend and the girlfriend/boyfriend becomes the best friend? Is there a time limit, does it happen when the engagement occurs? And what about the people who know that for years you and your buddy have been best friends....... if you put on Facebook "I'm marrying my best friend!", how do they know you're marrying Jane and not John?

   Maybe I'm weird to be bugged by this, and weirder to wonder about this stuff, but I think I raise some good points and questions.

 Maybe someone could invent a kit for this. It could contain a card for the previous best friend to let them know they have been let go.... and why, notices to friends and relatives that your best friend is now "Jane" and not "John", so they won't worry when they hear you're marrying your best friend.

 But then what happens when the couple divorces? Does the best friend that got downgraded become the best friend again? I assume if a divorce happens, that the ex-spouse also becomes the ex-best friend........which brings up the need for another kit........

   So here's a thought..... how about keeping the title best friend for your best friend of the same gender and say you're marrying the love of your life. That makes more sense than marrying your best friend, and saves a whole lot of confusion.

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