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Monday, January 18, 2016

What I want in a president

 The presidential race is starting to heat up as we are fast approaching the Iowa caucus. Social media, TV, and the radio are all full of people's opinions on who should be president, the latest polls, and more.

   I have had my short list for a while, and it is down to two candidates now. I would have no problem at all voting for either of them. Hint: Neither is a celebrity and are both Hispanics.

  I am concerned for our country. As I have watched hoards of conservatives blindly following a man who is saying all of the things they want to hear, yet has a political past that should make any conservative wary; I have found myself growing more concerned.

  There are a couple of young guys who have been debating me on Trump. They are totally for him, and I am totally against him. Neither of them were of voting age when Obama ran the first time, and I would guess both were somewhere around the age of 12. They most likely don't remember the cult-like following Obama had that is like Trump's. They are too young to see the similarities between Obama and Donald Trump.......yet many that are old enough to see it are blind to it.

  Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, and I fear that is going to happen. We have ran pseudo conservatives in the last few elections and lost..... and it seems people are bound and determined to repeat that mistake with Donald Trump. I am so against him, that I don't know if I can go vote for him if he gets the nomination...... and that is saying a lot, as I think everyone should vote.

  Trump is everything I don't want in a president. Sure, he says something once in a while that I agree with; but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  So what do I want in a president?

1) Unashamedly Christian 24/7, and not just at election time.

2) Proud of his country.

3) Male.

4) Pro-military

5) Anti-illegal immigration

6) Diplomatic

7) Has a spine, yet isn't a bully

8) Pro-Israel

9) Pro-life

10) For de-funding Planned Parenthood

11) For dismantling Obamacare

12) Pro-Biblical marriage

13) Pro-second amendment

14) Humble

15) A conservative record

16) Pro-family

17) A non-golfer

18) One who is for all Americans, not just those of his color

19) One who will truly address the issue of radical Islam and not defend our enemies

20) One who prays

21) Pro-Constitution

22) One who won't pick and choose which laws he will or will not enforce

23) One who will save money and not just add more to the national debt

24) One who will actually read his security briefings

25) One that I won't have to hold my nose to vote for.

26) One who will try to unite our country, not divide it

27) Pro-law enforcement

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