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Friday, January 8, 2016

I'm tired of Trump

This is my second blog post about Donald Trump. I'll try not to be repetitive, but this second post is brought on by a couple of things:

Frustration at the attitudes of Trump's followers towards anyone who is against Trump.

Concern that this pseudo conservative will be our nominee.

I am tired of Donald Trump. Really tired.

  Back when Obama entered the presidential race, people thronged after him. He quickly drew a large following by people who had no interest in his past. They didn't like the current administration, and Obama said all the right things; so they blindly followed him. If you tried to point out the bad things in Obama's past, you were shot down and called a racist. His followers were irrational in their defense of him and in their determination to see him as president. I paid attention. I researched what he had said and done in the past, and saw that he would be very bad for our country.

  As Yogi Berra would say, this is deja vu all over again. Only in this case, the man being blindly followed is running for the GOP nomination. Again, there are people unhappy with the current administration, politics as usual, and even unhappy with their own party. I am one of those, yet I have done the same thing with Trump that I did with Obama: I have paid attention, I have looked at his past, his associations, the people he supported and voted for, and at his record.... which his not being a politician, he has no political record as most people running for president; but he still has a record of who he gave money to, who he voted for, how he stood on issues.

  But his followers don't care. Just like Obama's followers, they ridicule, mock, put down, and try to shut down anyone who isn't a Trump follower. There is a meme that is popular among them that says if you aren't for Trump;  then you are either a liberal, living off the government, or a RINO..... and that is crazy talk. I am none of those, and would argue that I am more conservative than the average Trump supporter....maybe more conservative than ANY Trump supporter.

  To win this race, we need a true conservative. We need someone who doesn't change his views depending on how he feels. We need someone who hasn't voted for and supported the very people he is now supposedly fighting against. We need someone who doesn't bully and attack those who ask him tough questions or disagree with him. We need someone who isn't conveniently a Christian when they are running for president, but is a Christian all of the time and lives by the Bible.

I am a conservative

I am a Christian

I am awake

And I am not voting for Trump.

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