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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My first blog post of 2015: a list

 This being the first day of a new year, the blogger in me feels I should post a blog.... my first blog post of 2015. The normal thing would be to post something about the new year, or about resolutions to make for 2015. 

  But I have been a sort of scrooge about the new year, if one can be a scrooge. I am not looking forward to a new year at all, and if I were honest...... I am kind of dreading a new year.

  So instead of blogging about the new year, I am going to do one of my lists of random thoughts that are floating around in my brain trying to get out. I shall let  them out, though some would say they are better kept in:

1)If being a vegetarian is so great, why did God talk so much about eating meat in the Bible?

2) Why is it so rare for a hymn to be written today that will stand the test of time like many old hymns have?

3) The majority of people who come into the emergency department come for something that is not an emergency.

4) Why do women need makeup to improve their looks, but we men are fine the way God made us? Are we perfect looking, but women imperfect?

5) If grey hair is a sign of wisdom, as the Bible says, why do so many cover it up? Don't they want to appear wise?

6) My church decorated with pink poinsettias this Christmas. I hate pink - or white - poinsettias. And the white look more yellow than white.....those will probably make an appearance next Christmas.

7) I think people who only read one version of the Bible are limiting themselves. Reading more than one version helps my Bible reading and opens up the Bible more than when I just read one version.

8) If someone un-friends you on Facebook, are they still your friend outside of Facebook?

9) Why on earth do people smoke? It seems so......stupid.

10) With all of our fast food restaurants, drive thrus, and electronic devices; why does it seem we have even less time than we did before all of those things?

11) If enough people do something, nothing is wrong, weird, freakish, etc anymore.

12) Why do people dress so immodestly, other than to draw attention to the exposed parts of the body?

13) Since Obama had a black father and a white mother, isn't he technically the first biracial president, and not the first black president?

14) Many people defend voting for pro-abortion candidates by saying abortion is legal anyway, so there is nothing we can do. That is a pathetic excuse for voting for people who further the cause and support the cause of killing babies. There are civilizations where sex with kids is legal....but that doesn't make it right.

15) There are a lot of young guys dressing in ways that only gay guys used to dress.

16) Gauges in ears is barbaric and weird. And looks similar to what you only used to see in the National Geographic.

17) Why are there so many people who want kids and would make great parents, while there are many people killing babies they don't want and mistreating the ones they keep?

18) I am thankful I was raised in a non-alcoholic-drinking family, and that I never have taken up the habit.

19) When there are kids involved in a divorce, they should stay in one house and the parents have to switch back and forth between houses. The kids need stability.

20) Why do some people add you as a friend on Facebook, then never, ever interact with you?

21) Future presidents should have to surrender their blackberry and golf clubs for the entire time of their presidency.

22) Why were people dumb enough to vote for Obama not just once, but twice?!

23) Being single can be lonely, but the more marriages I see break up, and the more I hear that are in trouble....... it makes me glad some days that I never was able to take the plunge.

24) I haven't been to a wedding for 14 years. The last one I was to was my little sister's in October of 2000.

25) I am exhausted. Physically, mentally, even spiritually. I wish I could take a couple of months and just relax. Read, meditate,  and watch movies.

26) Some say the internet is evil, but it is also a great tool, and I have made many friends and received a lot of help that I never would have without it.

27) Why does it seem the more weight women lose, the more skin they feel they need to show?

28) Some people complain about politics on Facebook, how they weary of people discussing it. I weary of sports talk and wish I could block anything sports related from showing up in my feed. We all have things that bug us. That is life.

29) I'm tired of driving 45 minutes one way to work, though I am thankful for my job. I am also tired of working every holiday that comes along.

30) The future terrifies me, and I am having a really hard time trusting God.

31) If I were married, I can't see myself opening my wife's car door. That seems foolish to me. I could see me helping to vacuum, cook,  and do dishes, but no dusting. I could even see me keeping the kids to give her a night out......but she could open her own car door. And I'd want his and hers bathrooms so I could leave my toilet seat up.

32) Speaking of which......women claim to be so strong, but they can't operate a toilet seat? They do say women are the weaker vessel.........

33) If I said everything I think, no one would like me. And the secret service would have shown up at my door months ago.

34) If listened to every horror story on Facebook, I'd be drinking boiled water and eating vegetables that I grew in my garden.

35) I personally think organic stuff is a bunch of baloney and is just a way to get people to pay more for food.

36) I think every kids needs a mom and dad, but if I had the means to do it, I would adopt a couple of kids who have no one to love them. I am not good at much, but I think I could do that.

37) I really don't like animals much. I hate them in the house, I hate it when people call themselves an animals mommy or daddy.... or grandma. Makes me want to throw up. Adopt a kid. Kids are meant to be adopted if they have no parent. Animals are meant to be owned. Or eaten. I'm more concerned about people than animals.

38) If I could do anything I wanted....... I think it would be cool to run a shop on the beach, to live near the beach and be able to feel the sand between my toes every day of the year. And never, ever have to see snow.

39) The one animal I do like is the chicken. I like it fried, stuffed, in burritos and tacos, creamed over biscuits........ and I like cats a little bit. But not to eat. Puppies are OK, dogs are not. Except hot dogs.

40) You can eat as healthy as you want, avoid sugar, gluten, caramel apples (just threw that one in there), and whatever else you feel is going to kill you...... and guess what. You're still going to die. You may as well eat what you enjoy.

41) If a church expects you to pay your tithe since you're attending there, but you have absolutely no say in anything that happens in the church, is that really fair?

42) I have a lot of regrets in life, but one of them is not that I became an avid reader at a young age and still read a lot to this day.

43) As outspoken and opinionated as I am, I am very insecure and have a hard time believing people actually like me.

44) I secretly think people who like winter are a bit weird. Who likes to be so cold, to drive on snow and ice covered roads, to have to clean snow off of cars, to see a mostly grey world, with dark setting in so early. It is depressing. And I don't like depressing things.

45) I worry too much, yet can't see much hope in some situations. 

46) I really don't dislike women. I wouldn't want to be one, but have respect for most of the ones I know. And some of my best friends are female. And my two favorite sisters.

47) Why do Catholics pray to saints when they can go straight to God?

48) I don't feel I belong anywhere.

49) If Heaven is so wonderful, why do Christian health nuts spend so much time and energy trying to delay their departure for there?

50) My favorite drink: sweet tea. Followed by diet caffeine free coke. And I especially love diet Gold Peak Tea. Yeah I know.... the diet sweetener is going to kill me. I can almost see the shores of Heaven when I drink it........

51) I don't like me very much. Maybe that's why I have a hard time believing others do.

52) I am too blunt and outspoken, and too opinionated, but I'd rather be that than be a pushover who is afraid to speak my mind.

53) I'm all for having a morning and evening worship church service, but if we pack Sunday too full, we aren't doing what God commanded to do on the Sabbath: rest.

54) Men shouldn't objectify women so much, but if women stood their ground and waited til marriage to give their body over to a man, they'd be a lot better off.

55) Before Dear Leader shoved Obamacare down our throats, I couldn't afford health insurance. Now I still can't afford it and will be fined for not having health insurance. I'm not a rocket scientist, but isn't there something wrong with that?

56) There are many times I have the urge to blog, but have no ideas. That is when I do a post like this and bluntly speak my mind. Maybe one of those people who never interact with me on Facebook will delete me...........

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