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Monday, January 26, 2015

A bigger threat than gluten and sugar.....

If you're reading this blog post, it is too late for you.

  I read the horror stories almost daily on Facebook:
  Gluten - bad for you

  Sugar - bad for you

  Taylor Swift music - bad for you

  Sitting - bad for you

  Standing - bad for you (made that one up)

  Even normal veggies aren't good for you...... it must be organic (organic: a way stores get more money out of you)

  Sun - bad for you

  Keurig coffee makers - bad for you

  Red meat - bad for you

  Sugar substitutes - bad for you (OK, make up your minds people! You can't say both sugar and sugar substitutes are bad for you!)

  Stuffing your turkey the night before - bad for you

  And the list goes on. A never ending list of things that are bad for us. If I paid attention to every single article and story, and avoided what they recommend, I'd be eating only unsalted vegetables from my garden and drinking boiled water.

  Now I get we all could eat a little healthier and cut back, and some people have to go gluten free, though I wonder why that is suddenly an issue..... we have been eating wheat forever. I doubt the bread Jesus passed out was gluten free.....hmm..... wonder if the Bread of Life is gluten-free...... But that aside, come on! The scary stories are getting ridiculous. Everything is bad for us, but if you can't enjoy life a little, eat what you enjoy, then what fun is life? Besides, it is too late for us. You can go gluten free, avoid sugar, avoid Obama's speeches, avoid salt, go to bed early, do everything every Facebook friend suggests, stop doing everything every Facebook friend suggests, browse the internet for the newest health horror story........ and guess what...... you can't do anything about the biggest threat to life...... being born.

 Yep. You are dying. I am dying. We start dying the second we pop out of the birth canal. You can live the healthiest life possible, and you're still going to die. Possibly before people like me who eat what I want. The health nut could drop dead tomorrow or be die in an accident. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

  Does that mean we shouldn't worry about what we eat. Exactly! God said not to worry about anything!!!!!!! It is Biblical!

  Seriously, it would do us all good to be a little more careful, and if we have health issues, we may have to for that reason, but as long as I stay healthy, I am not going to worry too much about what I eat. I need to drop some weight, so I need to start cutting back, but going gluten or sugar free? No way.... not unless health issues demand it.

  So eat your lettuce leaf and your gluten free bread. Avoid fried foods, sugar, and whatever the newest health craze/horror story says to do, but I'll sit here with my fried chicken, donuts, tea made from a Keurig coffee maker..... yeah. I'lll sit. :)

  I am making a little fun of this stuff, but seriously people..... what is good and bad for us changes almost daily. No one really knows. And Jesus is in charge of my life. My life is in His hands, not in the hands of people who try to tell me what is good or bad for you.

 I thought of this joke as I was posting my blog. And remember..... no matter how healthy you eat......You. Are. Going. To. Die.

An elderly couple met their demise in an auto accident and were transported to Heaven. The faithful couple were recognized by St. Peter and escorted into the welcome center, where they began to take in all the wonder and amazement of the place.
St. Peter pointed out the food court and told them that they could of course eat anything and not worry about their health. The husband especially began partaking of the pastries and deserts. The wife was amazed at the beauty, the peace and the joy she felt and commented over and over about what a nice place Heaven was and how happy she felt to be there.
However, the husband began looking quite grim. His wife inquired what the problem was. The husband sneered, "If it weren't for you and your oat bran muffins & healthy food, we'd probably have been here 15 years ago!"

***Disclaimer: Yes, this was a very sarcastic and sardonic post, but if you know me at all, it is your fault for reading it :)

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  1. Your post makes all the more sense when you realize these health "rules" change more often than not... A few years ago, eggs were poison, now they've been restored to glory. Same for saturated fats and what not. Common sense seems to be in order.