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Monday, January 26, 2015

My picks for the GOP nomination for 2016

  I am not as politically savvy as some conservatives, but I pay attention. There are candidates I like, and some I don't. Since I am a bit bored, I decided to throw out my thoughts on 2016 possible candidates. And this does not cover every possible nominee, just the most obvious ones and most likely to run.

 My "no way Jose'" list:

1) Jeb Bush. He is more Democrat than Republican. And as much as I liked George W, we don't need any more Bushes in the White House, and that is what the media and liberals would use as their battle cry.

2) Mitt Romney. Why he would even consider running again, I sure can't understand. I held my nose and voted for him last election, but only because he was the lesser of two evils.

3) Chris Christie. Absolutely not. The man has too many liberal ideas, and is a bit too much gun control for my liking. He would be a big mistake. No pun intended.

My possible list:

1) Rand Paul. I like a lot of what he says and stands for, but I consider him weak on foreign policy, just like his dad, and am worried he might have other of his dad's weird ideas. However, he leans far more right than previous choices we have had.

2) Mike Huckabee. Former pastor and governor. I like most of what he stands for, but I have never cared for him much. And he got too worked up about calling people RINO's..... made me wonder if he might be one.

3) Rick Perry. Seems pretty conservative and did  a good job of governing Texas. He even has stood up to Obama. I can't really think of anything I dislike about him, but he isn't in my top picks.

4) Ben Carson. I like everything about him I have heard and read, but I fear his not being a politician would go against him and would be used against him. Personally, I think that is a plus, but too many Americans would see it as a minus.

5) Sarah Palin. Yeah, I know, she did a bad speech, So now all conservatives must jump on the "Sarah Palin is the most horrible person alive" bandwagon. Hogwash. Obama has made plenty of bad speeches and mistakes in his speeches. I like her. I don't think she should run, as the liberals, media, and fellow Republicans would destroy her and her family. But I'd vote for her over anyone I have listed so far.

My top picks: 

1) Scott Walker. This guy is awesome. Christian, conservative..... there is nothing I know about him that would be a negative. He saved Wisconsin a ton of money and whipped the state into shape, with the unions fighting him tooth and nail. He faced a recall and won, then did something no one has ever done: Won a re-election after facing and winning a recall. He would be my top pick above all other candidates. I have been watching him ever since he became governor of Wisconsin, and consider him definite presidential material. Put him or my next pick against Hillary, and she would look like a dowdy old hag next to them.

2) Marco Rubio. I think he may be weak on immigration, but I like him. He is definitely Christian and conservative, and looks presidential. I read his first book, and was impressed with where he came from and what he is today. He is a very close second.

3) Ted Cruz. I am not sure what his chances would be at winning a presidential election, but he has a spine, more than most Republicans, and stands for the right things. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

4) Colonel Alan West. I just like him. He is an outspoken conservative who stands for the right things. And then we could be the ones chanting racism when liberals refuse to vote for him. Just kidding. Kind of.

5) Bobby Jindal. I don't know if he intends to run, but he is another I have been watching. Bold, unashamed of conservative ideas and policies, and he has gone against Obama, something I consider a big plus.

6) John Kasich. My governor. He is another who I have no idea if he plans on running, but he has been good for Ohio. Very good. And if the unions had stayed out of his way, he could have done even more good. Another I would happily vote for without holding my nose.

  I am sure I don't know everything about every candidate, and would most likely not agree with all of them on some issue, but the above 6 are tops in my book. We need a true conservative, not the pseudo Republicans we have ran the last couple of elections. But have Republicans learned their lesson? I sure hope so, or we will again hand the presidency to another Democrat and lose even more freedoms and morality.

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