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Monday, January 12, 2015

Not today

I watched the trailer for an upcoming movie around a year ago or so, and thought it looked good. I mentally filed it in my "need to watch some day" list. When it came out on DVD, I considered buying it, but didn't want to pay $19.99 for it, so I pretty much forgot about it for a while. I was in Family Christian Bookstore on Black Friday and there it was on their Black Friday specials table....... for $5. I of course purchased it, but hadn't watched it yet until last night. I got it ready to play, hit "play movie" and sat back.

We are too entertainment-minded in America. If we took our entertainment away, we'd feel lost. I love to read, and it could be considered entertainment, and often it is; yet there are times I am convicted, inspired, encouraged, and more by what I read, even in a Christian novel.

When it comes to movies, they are pretty much entertainment. I try to be careful in what I watch, and they have started to put out better Christian movies, which makes it easier to watch decent movies. This Christian movie falls into the better category. And I got more than I expected.

 Once in a while I read a book and think "everyone needs to read that book." It happens less often with movies, but it happened with this one. This is a movie everyone needs to see.

The plot in a nutshell: 20-year old Caiden is a spoiled, fairly rich boy. He used to attend church, serve God, and pray before his parents divorced and God didn't answer his prayers to keep them together. So now, he is a party boy. He and his buddies decide to go on a fun-filled trip to Hyderabad, India. A little seven-year-old girl gets sold by her well-meaning father, and Caiden feels responsible (watch the movie to find out why), and goes on a search to rescue the little girl.

 This movie is about human trafficking, and it is based on real events. It really isn't an entertaining movie, though it did entertain, but it did more than that. It helped awake me to the reality and horrors of human trafficking.

 The movie is tastefully done, but there are several times in the movie when Caiden goes into a place where you can pay for sex with little girls - or boys. Even though I knew it was a movie and they were actors, I found myself crying, thinking about how many children are living that reality.

 In one scene, Caiden has truck out again at the place he visited, but can't help himself and buys two of the little girls they brought him, trying to convince him to go with a different girl. After they left the buildig, he falls apart as he thinks about all of the ones he had to leave behind. I found tears coursing down my cheeks again..... that happened a lot in the movie.

 At the end of the movie - and no, I am not saying if he found the little girl or not, you'll have to watch it yourself - the camera bounced back and forth between the main actors as they told statistics and information about human trafficking. As the credits rolled, I put my head in my hands and let the tears flow. I cried for the countless children - and men and women - sold into slavery and to be used for sex and other purposes. I cried because I want to do something, but can't think of anything I can do to help. I cried because I am so wrapped up in my problems that I forget how blessed I am my family are.

  It is one thing to be aware. I am all too aware of abortion and the evils of it. There doesn't seem to be much I personally can do to end it, other than pray and consistently vote for politicians who are pro-life. But what can I do about human trafficking? Pray, yes, but what else?

 I weary of all of the "save the animal" posts I see on Facebook. People are way more important. Stopping abortion and human trafficking are way more important. We need to get our priorities right. I for one will be praying and asking God what I can do to help in the battle against this awful scourge of human trafficking.

 For some statistics just for America (yes, it is a problem here also), go to this site.

 For more information about the movie, go here.

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