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Monday, December 22, 2014

If every day could be Christmas

 I read a story once about a girl named Betsy who makes a wish to have Christmas every day of the year. Her wish comes true. At first it is all very exciting, with Santa's visit, the opening of packages, the singing of carols, and the arrival of the cousins for dinner. But soon the daily repetition wears thin. Santa is too exhausted to deliver presents and goes to sleep in Betsy's living room. The carolers have no energy to sing, all of the forests are cleared of Christmas trees, and turkeys go for $1,000 each. Eventually the only food for Christmas dinners is sardines and cranberries. People become angry and throw packages at each other, houses are overflowing with toys, and everyone is worn out. After a year of Christmas every day, Betsy gets another wish, and she wishes for the holiday just once a year.

  There are a handful of songs around that wishes Christmas could be everyday day, such as this one by country group, Lonestar:

Christmas lights up the city
Roof tops covered in snow
Lovers sharing a sleigh ride cuddled close
And their eyes seem to glow
Window shopping on main street
Bundled up head to toe
Children are skating around a Chri
stmas tree
I see smiles young and old

If everyday could be Christmas
What a wonderful world it would be
We could carry this feeling within us
All through the year
If everyday could be Christmas

Church bells ring in the distance
Peace on earth fills the air
Sidewalk Santas handing out candy canes
I feel love everywhere
If everyday could be Christmas
What a wonderful world it would be
We could carry this feeling within us
All through the year

If everyday could be Christmas
Oh it's that time
We open and give from our hearts
Let love shine brighter than any star

Oh if everyday could be Christmas
What a wonderful world it would be
We could carry this feeling within us
All through the year

  Now I am sure they don't mean literally, like the story I mentioned. But imagine if the emotions and attitudes of those who have Christmas in their hearts, was around all year.

  What if we greeted strangers we meet with a "good day to you", as we toss "Merry Christmas" to those we meet?

 What if we did random acts of kindness, such as giving someone a card or gift, as we do at Christmas?

 What if we focused as much on Jesus and what He has done for us....everyday, not just at Christmas time.

 What if the feelings of good will toward men were a daily thing, not a seasonal thing?

 What if we spent more time with our families all year long, not just when we are around the Christmas tree opening gifts?

  Christmas shouldn't be just a once a year celebration we do. It shouldn't be something we box up after December 25 is over, and pull out again the next Christmas.

'Cause Christmas is all in the heart
That's where the feeling starts
And like a fire inside
It touches every heart
And even if no white snow falls
That's all right because
The joy can still be found
Wherever you are
'Cause Christmas is all 
It's all in the heart (Steven Curtis Chapman)

 If Christmas is in our hearts, we can't set it aside so easily. It will permeate our very being, and we will live Christmas all year long...every day, because to have Christmas in our hearts, means we have Jesus in our hearts, and that is an every day thing.

 If Christmas in is in our hearts, we will look for ways to spread love and good will all year long. We won't focus on Jesus just at Christmas. We don't talk about Him just at Christmas.

 Most of us lead busy lives, and all to often Jesus is a last minute thought before we go to bed. I am thankful for Christmas, and am glad most of us focus more on the Christ of the Christmas story more at this time of year, but in a way it is also sad if it takes Christmas to do that. Maybe I'm just a bad Christian, and everyone else does it right, but I doubt I am alone in not going about this Christian life as I should every day. I don't greet people as enthusiastically, I don't perform enough acts of kindness or charity to people who are not able to return them. I don't spend enough time at the feet of the Savior in worship and adoration. Oh, I spend time asking for what I need. But the wise men and shepherds didn't do that. The shepherds had nothing to give other than praise and adoration. The wise men brought that and gifts. Why can't we be more like them all year long?

  I couldn't afford Christmas every day if it meant buying gifts. I'd soon weary of Christmas trees and other decorations. Christmas songs would soon grate on me. I tend to decorate early and get the Christmas music out early, and then I want to put it all away as soon as Christmas is over....... and I tend to put all of the feelings, good will, the focusing on Jesus in adoration and worship away with the decorations.

  But we shouldn't box everything about Christmas up...... if we have Christmas in our hearts, we can have Christmas every day, in the right way. Put the decorations and music away, but keep Christmas in our hearts 24/7, 365 days a year. And if we do that, it is going to spill out all year long. The way it should.

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