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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What I have is the best

 A friend of mine on Facebook posted this a short while ago:
There has to be, there MUST be a correlation, a connection between the vitriol and anger directed at iPhones and Apple products by the Droid users and how much better the Apple products are than what they own...
Why would they care so much when Apple introduces a new product if this wasn't true?!

 I replied that I don't really care about that stuff, but there is this overbearing attitude from a lot of iPhone owners that what they have is THE BEST, and it is better than what you have. I have run onto this attitude before from iPhone users and MAC owners. Some friends of mine bought MAC computers, also an Apple product, and went on and on about how they were the best, and so much better than a Microsoft PC. To be honest, it irritated me a bit, and even made me feel bad. I am sure they didn't intend to put down what I own, but by their words and attitudes, they were still doing it.

  And so it is with some iPhone users. What they have is the best, better than the lowly Android that people like me have....... and I really don't know or care which is better. I think the iPhone is way overpriced, and am happy with the Android, so even if I got rich, I'd most likely stick with an Android phone. For what I use smartphones for, it works fine.

  Can one be proud of their electronic devices? Why not? One can be proud of anything. And it is one thing to say you like this brand better than any you have ever had, but to say it is THE BEST - that is a pretty big claim to make about anything.

  And we do like to brag. We have the best pick-up that is made. The best phone, the best tablet, the best boots, the best watch, the best, the best, the best...... and we do like to tell people. I'm not sure all of the reasons, and maybe for some it is just part of their personality. I just had a lady tell me today that she makes the best cinnamon rolls of anyone..... I should have asked for proof :)

  Whatever we have that is the best, won't stay the best. Something better will always come along. Even if Apple products are the best - and I am not saying they are, and I even have an iPod - just wait a few years, and someone will come along and make something else that people will think is better than Apple. Maybe the new uPhone from Grape.

  This attitude of "what I have is the best" is bad enough from the world. but it is really bad from Christians..... and a lot of us have that attitude. And brag on our "stuff", until something better comes along. And why must we always have the best?

  There is only one area where we can say we have the best, and yet it is one too many of us rarely go around bragging about. Jesus. We have the best God and Savior. He trumps everything. He's better than the new iPhone people want to brag about owning. He's better than the 2015 Chevy pickup you just bought. He's better than anything and anyone...... and yet we brag so little on Him.

  Forget the new iPhone. I've got Jesus, and next to Him, your best is nothing.

***Disclaimer: I don't think everyone that has "the best" mentality is necessarily proud in the wrong way, but they can be.

 And I don't hate Apple products, I do tire of people who own them crowing that they are THE BEST. Just say you like it better than Android and leave it at that. :)

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