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Monday, September 1, 2014

Racism...... not gone, just reversed

I am not a racist. I didn't vote for Obama, but it was because of his policies. I could do a very long blog post about what I don't like about him and his policies, but his color has nothing to do with that. I realize anyone daring to say what I am going to say in this blog post, will most likely be labeled a racists and a hater, I am neither. I just see the way things are.

  Let's go back several years before the Republican-led civil rights movement took place in this country. Racism abounded, Hatred and bias against  black people was encouraged, not just tolerated. Now imagine the following scenario:

A white person attacks a black person, and in self defense, the black person shoots and kills the white guy. What would have happened? The majority of white people would assume the black person was at fault, and he would get no fair trial, and at certain times in our nation's history, would be strung up and hanged without the chance to defend himself, or the right to a fair court trial.

  Isn't it great that we don't have that kind of stuff happen nowadays?

  But we do.

    A young black man who was into drugs and was known for getting into trouble at school wanders into an area where they guard against trouble. He gets into an altercation with an Hispanic guy on guard and is shot and killed in the process. Immediately, the Hispanic guy is the bad guy. He gets no fair trial from the media, government, or public opinion. The black kid is painted as innocent, and the Hispanic guy who becomes a "white Hispanic" is the bad guy who murdered this innocent kid. Our black president weighs in against the cop, of course - he always takes the part of the black person.

 Fast forward to more recent events: Michael Brown, a 300 pound thug who had just robbed a store and was convicted as a juvenile of second degree murder, has an altercation with a white cop and is shot and killed. Before the facts even come out, the white cop has been tried and found guilty of murdering this "gentle giant". Again, Obama jumps in on it, and the dead guy is made into an angel, and everyone is calling for the cop to be tried and prosecuted, even the governor of the state of Missouri.

  We cringe at the idea of what it was like before the civil rights movement. Blacks not having a voice against whites, of always being found guilty when in any kind of altercation with a white person. But now the reverse is happening, and no one cares. We have this narrative that in any case of violence, the black person is always the innocent victim, and the white person is always wrong and should be hung without a fair trial.

  Does the name Dillon Taylor mean anything to you? Should it? On August 11 in Salt Lake City, UT, this white and unarmed young man was shot and killed by a black cop. Why isn't that news? Why isn't our president demanding the cop's head on a platter? Where are Jessse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where is the media coverage? The local media covered it and said a cop that "was not white" shot and killed the kid. Not white?! Can you imagine them saying a "not white" kid was killed by a white cop? No, I can't either. (news story here)

  You say you're sure the cop was in the right. Why? Because he was black, and the black person is always in the right?! And the white person is always wrong?

  Why is it wrong to say black, but not white?
  Why is there this idea that only white can be racist?
  Why is there this idea that whites cannot be victims?

  Have we really gotten rid of racism, or is it just reversing, with a black president in the White House?

  There was a recent Supreme Court decision that annoyed liberals. Maybe annoyed was too strong of a word for it. They ruled that universities and colleges could accept students on grade point averages, not on color. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  Not to liberals, and some blacks. They wanted colleges and universities to have to accept a certain number of black students, not on their grade, but on their color. They call it affirmative action. I call it racism.

 There are people in this country who are racists - white people disliking black people. But there are also racists who are black people who hate whites and feel white people owe them. Popular idea? No, but it is true.

  Minorities, whether color, sexual, or gender, don't really want equal rights. They want special rights. And the liberals want to give them special rights under the guise of equal rights.

  If we had equal rights, the white cop would have had a fair trial, not been declared guilty immediately.

  If we had equal rights, Dayton, OH would not have made their tests easier so more black people could pass them and get on the fire department. (their words, not mine)

 If we had equal rights, the government would let all local crimes be handled by local authorities and not jump in and interfere every time the victim is black.

  But we don't have equal rights anymore. We are becoming racist in reverse. The white guys is always bad, and never the victim. The black guy is always right, and always the victim.

  I could list several other stories where white people have been victims of black crime, and the media has ignored it. But I won't. Trust me, they are out there. But they don't fit the agenda and narrative of the media and White House, A White House that holds a black man who resents white people. He said it in his book, and he was still elected. So is it a coincidence that we have this trend of always making black people out to be the victim and white to be the bad guy since he got in office?

 I don't think it is a coincidence,

 We will never have equality until BOTH sides stop the racism and hatred. And it exists on both sides, but is only OK and encouraged on one side.

  We white people can just be thankful that they don't string up people right away like they used to.

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