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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Legalized child abuse

 Another football player is in the news and in trouble. This time, it is for child abuse. Supposedly, he spanked the kid with a switch hard enough that it left marks. I don't know everything about the case, so I am not going to make a lot of suppositions about it, but I will say just because a spanking leaves marks, does not make it child abuse, and there is a big move on in this country to not spank kids and to label it child abuse when it happens. Maybe he went too far, and maybe he didn't.

  I am sure there were times I got spanked as a kid, that there were marks, or at least my seat was red for a while.. and I lived. It was not child abuse. I firmly believe most kids need spanked occasionally. It shouldn't always be the method of discipline, but time out and endless threats don't always work - especially if the threats are never carried out.

  Yet, child abuse does exist, and I don't think there is enough done to stop true child abuse. It is sad to imagine innocent kids being smacked around because mom or dad is drunk, high, or just in a bad mood. There is no excuse for it, and kids who are truly being abused need to be removed from the abuse.

 My mind runs in weird directions. I admit it. Since this case has broken, I have been thinking about it a lot, and I have been thinking about this issue of child abuse. I don't believe all child abuse is things done physically, sexually, or even verbally to children. If  people who want to throw the abuse word around for spanking kids when they are being holy - or unholy terrors - then I want to toss out some other ways kids are abused - legally. Many will disagree with me. That's OK. I'd be worried if everyone always agreed with me.

***And no, I am not making light of or trying to lessen the reality of real child abuse, so don't even go there.

1) No discipline. Never disciplining a kid, and letting him have his own way is going to cause him or her problems some day with authority figures and God. Letting your kid grow up to be a selfish brat isn't doing them any favors.

2) Abortion. Yes, I am aware it results in the death of a baby, but they rip apart that baby to kill it. Tell me again how evil it is to spank a five year old for sassing?

3) Training them to get on and stay on welfare. Welfare, food stamps - that is supposed to be temporary to get people over a tough spot, but people are staying on for life, and then their kids get on it......... they grow up feeling they are owed.

4) Smoking. I hate to see anyone smoke, but especially young people. And to think of parents smoking around babies and kids, constantly blowing second hand smoke around them..... that isn't good parenting.

And then to pass on such a terrible habit onto their kids......it should be labeled abuse.

5) Video games. Not every video game is bad, but letting kids play the bad ones isn't good, nor is letting kids live, eat, and sleep video games. It isn't healthy.

6) Letting them be bullied: Kids need to be taught to defend themselves against bullies. Not all kids are cut out to do that and need help. Don't let kids be bullied.

7) Letting them be bullies. If parents know their kid is a bully, they are just as bad as their kid for not training him better.

8) Letting kids drink. I am really anti-alcohol, but really hate the fact that there are parents letting their kids drink before the age of 21. No it isn't legal and might not belong on this list, but I don't think the penalties are harsh enough for it, or it might not happen so much.

9) Letting kids be obese. I am not a big health nut, and am 100% against the government or Michelle Obama controlling what we can or cannot eat, but parents need to regulate their kids' eating habits better. If the kid is 5 and weights 150, something is wrong. It isn't healthy and it isn't being good to the kid to let him look like a sumo wrestler while he is in elementary school.

10) Unsupervised TV. There really isn't much on TV that is good anymore, and to let kids watch whatever they want - and how much they want - should be classified as child abuse.

11) Pierced ears. I think pierced ears are dumb. I am allowed that opinion. It may partly be how I was raised, but the more I think about it, having holes punched in your ears so you can put fancy things in your ears just seems....... dumb. But this is a free country.

However, when did it become acceptable to pierce babies' ears? It surely has to hurt. And what did the baby do to deserve it? The mother's vanity? And yet to spank the same kid a few years later is abuse?

I think there should be an age limit for pierced ears, and it should be when the child is able to make the decision on their own. They are doing it so early, it will soon be part of the post birth things done before giving the baby to the mother. How is this not child abuse? And I am serious. What kind of woman has holes put in a baby's ears? Earrings should be an adult thing, Kids grow up too fast anyway.

12) Gay. To encourage a kid or young person to embrace homosexuality - or any sin - is helping to push them towards hell. And a life full of pain and possible disease. It IS sin, and it is going against God's Word to embrace it.

On the other hand, to kick a kid out for being gay and not loving them is also wrong and can damn t he kid to an eternity without God.

13) Raising them without God. This is the ultimate child abuse, To raise a child without church, God, Jesus..... to raise them to live a godless life that will end with an eternity in hell unless God sends someone their way who will be honest to their soul.

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