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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Being in "good hands" with Allstate

Update on being in "good hands with Allstate":

When the tree fell on the house in early June, it pulled the power lines loose to the house, shorting out and frying several appliances. Allstate wanted the bigger stuff fixed - refrigerator, central A/C, but then told us to replace the other stuff, so we did. And turned in the receipts. Clock radios, my Wii game system, the TV the Wii was hooked up to, the Keurig Coffee maker, and on and on - a lot of stuff was fried. Then we turned in the receipts and waited. At least a month later, Allstate contacted us and asked for the model numbers, what we paid for the damaged items, and how long we'd had them. And again we waited. Meanwhile, the damaged stuff has been sitting outside on the picnic table.

Then today, after all the waiting, all of the time and effort spent giving them the information they want, they said they want us to try to have everything repaired by the people who fixed the big stuff. After we have had the new things for close to 3 months. After jumping through hoops and waiting. After the damaged items have been sitting outside. Really? That is being in good hands?

We are going to fight this. Even if all of the stuff can be fixed - about $2300.00 worth of appliances, what are we supposed to do with all of the things we bought to replace them with? I doubt any of it is returnable. My parents and I have about had it with Allstate, and feel we are not really in good hands.

We have been told by several people that Allstate is one of the worst insurance companies to deal with, and we are finding that to be true.

Added to this, the insurance adjuster really gave my parents the run around. The front walls of the house were bowed and cracked, and he wanted to just putty them, argued about other damages, and has not figured in enough to get the work done. My dad was talking to a neighbor who had to have their house fixed also. Also Allstate, also the same adjuster, and he gave them the runaround. Their whole house needed sided, and they had to settle for Allstate paying for 3 sides, and the people paid for the 4th side out of pocket. That is what being in good hands with Allstate brings you.

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