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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Questions and thoughts on make-up from a man's perspective

This is one of those posts that could anger a large segment of women who run across this blog post, so if you are female and wear make-up, and can't handle some honest questions and thoughts about it, don't read any further. But if you can handle some questions and comments about it, and still like me, read on.

  I have had this on my mind for a long time, but a couple of comments from 2 female friends of mine who don't wear make-up helped prompt this blog post. One comment was made via Facebook chat from a single friend of mine about a blog post I did where I addressed make-up: Society bombards women as u know with the constant message that they are not attractive enough blah blah. It's very hard"

And today, another friend said this on Facebook : "Some one was at my house today and mentioned make up I told her I don't wear any. She actually seemed to feel bad for me that I didn't take time for me. I don't need that stuff to be happy"

  I am a man, so sure, I may not get it. Also, I was raised in a church where women didn't wear make-up, with the exception of that cover up stuff to cover a blemish once in a while, so these questions might not arise from a woman:

1) Why do women need make-up? Isn't the face God gave you good enough that you have to improve on His creation?

2) Why do women "need" make-up, but men don't? Yeah, I know some "men" wear it, but really and honestly - why do women need make-up to look better, but men don't? Did God make us look good enough that we don't need to put junk on our faces to look better? So you're a bit pale....... what about the guys who are a bit pale?  (And yes, that was a tad sarcastic, but also serious)

3) Jezebel was the only person in the Bible that reference is made to putting make-up on. Just saying.....

4) Is not the whole make-up industry, whether it be Mary Kay or Avon, built on tearing women down and making them feel inferior and plain unless they buy their products?

5) Why do women want other colors on their fingernails? It isn't natural.... and why red of all colors? Red fingernails seriously creep me out. No joke.

6) If a lot of women suddenly quit wearing make-up and went to their natural hair color, their family probably wouldn't recognize them.

7) Dear Mary Kay: Who really wants a pink car anyway?!

8) The one I really don't get is eye shadow. It makes women look like raccoons, and why does anyone want their eyelids a different color than the color of their skin? Why not put it on your ears and forehead too? 

9) Some women wear enough paint to paint a battleship, and enough powder to blow it up (quip I heard years ago)

10) Who needs redder lips? And it looks gross to see lipstick on coffee mugs.....I don't need redder lips, why does a woman? And not to speak of other colors....yuk!

11) There is only one kind of person who should wear make-up, and I have seen many women who looked a lot like them, though I am sure that was not their intention.........

12) Who told you that you weren't pretty enough without that gunk on your face, and why did you believe them?

13) And who told you that you look prettier with gunk on your face, and why did you believe them?

14) Yeah, we use deodorant to cover up, but body odor is different than a face. No one wants to be around you if you stink

15) Mascara.....makes your eyelashes look like spiders. Kind of creepy if you ask me. (And no, no one did)..... if God wanted your eyes to stand out, He'd have put them on the top of your head like on a fly

16) No amount of polish on your toes are going to make toes attractive. They are toes. Not your best feature

17) Fake eyebrows... can anyone say "ewww, gross!"

18) Do younger women really wear it to look older, and older women to look younger?

19) Really, who wants pink cheeks? Other than a pig. They look cute with pink cheeks.

   Seriously, I don't get why women need to feel they have to buy fingernail polish, foundation (whatever that is), blush, lip stick, eye liner, mascara - or are those the same thing? - eye shadow, and the list goes on. Products that basically turn a real woman into a fake woman: fake fingernail color, fake eyelid color, fake lip color, fake eyebrows...... do women really need all that? Didn't God do a good enough job on your face?

  It is sad that there is such a huge industry based on a lie, and on using women's self esteem and self image to sell them products that they don't need, and that most of the time really don't make them prettier than they already do.

  Yeah, I know. I am a man. What do I know. Now excuse me while I go make some improvements to the mug God gave me. After all, why should women be the only ones to do it......

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