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Monday, August 18, 2014

Gay argument #2: animals do it

 This is a rather stupid argument, but it is used by the pro-gay crowd to try to say homosexuality is normal. There are times that 2 animals of the same gender have sex together. At least so they say. But does it matter if they do? It is one of the weakest and dumbest argument that they could use. We are not animals, and there are other things animals do that we would never say is normal for humans to do. Things such as:

1) Some animals eat their young.

2) Some animals eat their own dung, or the dung of other animals

3) Animals also have sex with any relation to them. So far, incest isn't being defended for humans, but give them time

4) Most animals clean themselves with their tongue. Everywhere.

   Much more could be said, but is it really necessary? This is such a terrible argument, not much needs to be said. We are different than animals, and they do a lot of things humans don't do, and are not normal for humans to do. This argument needs to be shot and tossed aside.

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