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Friday, July 28, 2017

End of July musings

  I can't believe July is almost over, and along with it summer. I haven't blogged a lot again this month, mostly due to not having any blogging ideas. I do have a few things on my mind, so here is a hodge podge to end out the month.... unless I come up with something to write about in the next few days.

Transgenders in the military

    Anyone who knows me very well at all, knows that I am not a Trump fan. However, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. His proposed ban on transgenders in the military has liberals all up in arms as if he had just bombed half the country...... well, that may not upset them as much. Before the election, he was a proponent of people using whichever bathroom they wanted, and he also promised to further gay rights.... so I am not holding my breath that he will actually go through with the ban, but I hope he does.

   The whole transgender thing is getting out of hand. It is a mental illness to claim to be the opposite sex and to try to become the opposite sex. Transgenders are already more suicidal than the average person, but when they actually go through the process to attempt to be the opposite sex, their chances of suicide increase even more. And liberals want to put guns in the hands of these people and send them into combat?

 The military has strict standards in place, and they should not cave to transgender insanity and have these very deluded people in the military. They are to be pitied, but their delusions should not be encouraged.

Women and the "B-word"

  I really hate it when I hear a women refer to herself as a "b-word." It is so degrading, and I don't get why any woman would call herself one. Ironically, many of them would take offense to someone else calling themselves that. It is the same thing with black people calling themselves the "n-word", yet becoming enraged if a white person calls them that. No one should call themselves degrading names.

Charlie Gard

  Charlie Gard has died. The hatred being aimed at his parents for daring to want to save their baby is ridiculous. It is natural for parents to want their baby to live. It is unnatural to let them die, or go into a clinic and have them intentionally killed. It is sad the government interfered long enough to make saving him impossible.

Forgotten babies

  I saw an article shared on Facebook recently that had tips to help remember to get your baby out of the car. Why is this such a problem? I have been to a few Walmarts that have a sign by the door to remind people to get their babies/small child out of their vehicle. I don't mean to be crass or cruel, but what kind of person forgets a baby?

 This article I read suggested putting some item with the baby that you are not likely to forget.....so are they saying a cell phone or wallet is more important than a baby. If you're more likely to remember your phone or some other item instead of a baby, you need serious help. They even have an app to help you remember. Really?!


 I am still convinced Obamacare is a disaster. It was forced on us, and Obama had to twist arms, make deals, and who knows what else to even get enough Democrats to vote for it. Countless people have had their premiums skyrocket because of it. It has caused a lot more red tape for hospitals, doctor's offices, and even ambulance services. The very people who forced it on us don't want it for themselves, which says a lot.

 I am pretty upset with the Republicans promised to repeal it and de-fund Planned Parenthood, and they are doing neither. I am one of those convinced Obamacare may eventually fall apart without being repealed....we can only hope.

Chairs and the Babylon Bee

 The Babyon Bee is an awesome Christian satire site that comes up with some great fake Christian related news pieces. They did one last week about a church putting in massage chairs to draw more people in. I shared the article, stated that my church was putting chairs in instead of pews, that I was dead set against chairs, but might change my mind if we got massage chairs. I meant it as a joke, but it turned into quite the debate. People criticized me for having an opinion opposite what the church was doing, one woman ranted about how dare we want comfort in church instead of spending the money to help people, etc. I finally stopped reading comments.

 I took my 3 nieces out for lunch Tuesday, and my 17 year old niece brought it up. She said it was ridiculous the responses I got to what she knew was a joking comment. I'm glad someone realized the point of my post. Guess you have to be a teenager to get that it was a joke..........

My latest reading

 I have been reading a lot lately, and went through 11 books by the same author, Coleen Coble, in the space of 2 weeks. And I was reading other books also. In the last 3 weeks, I have read at least 20 books. That is close to a record for me, but I have read more than that in 3 weeks before.

   I recently reviewed a Love Inspired Suspense novel, and inside was a survey to fill out to get 2 free large print books. I did it, and they came this week. The print isn't that big, just slightly larger than the regular books. One of the books is part of a series done by multiple authors called "Classified K-9 Unit." It is about a team of FBI agents that all work with a dog. Even though I am not a dog lover, I am really liking this series. I am reading my second book in the series, though out of order, and ordered the rest of them. I don't read many of the Love Inspired Suspense, but mostly because there are so many of them I don't want to try to keep up.

A tale of two love interests

 Speaking of books I read lately, I had a disappointment in a book I just read. There is an author who wrote a great suspense trilogy that revolved around art theft, and a female FBI agent who works with art theft. All through the trilogy, she had 2 guys vying for her attention: her male FBI partner, and the superintendent of her apartment complex. Even though I am a guy.....yeah I know not a normal guy..... I found myself rooting for the one guy. (I won't say which one in case someone reads the books.) To my dismay, the heroine went for the opposite guy and married him at the end of the 3rd book. I commented on a post the author did about the book, and told her I loved the book and series, but was rooting for the other guy to get her. She thanked me and said she figured most of her readers were rooting for the guy who lost out. No offense author lady, but if you figured that, why didn't you make your readers happy and go with the other guy? See, a bachelor CAN be interested in romance.

The new bathrooms

 Even though I am against the chairs replacing our pews at church, and even though I don't think the addition to the sanctuary is necessary, one plus is the bathrooms were made bigger. We average around 230-250 most Sundays, and our bathrooms were way too small. The men's had one urinal and one toilet, and 2 sinks. I never was in the women's.....a good thing, but I think they had 2 toilets. We have other bathrooms downstairs, with the same set up. The new bathrooms are much bigger. From the pictures, it looks like there are 5 stalls in the women's now. I was in the men's, and I think there are 3 (or 2)  urinals and 3 stalls.... or something like that. Bigger bathrooms for a church our size were long overdue. And I think they are finally finished.

Urinal chat

 Speaking of urinals, some guys seem to find it necessary to chat with you when you're standing side by side taking a leak. I always find it awkward. Hopefully this doesn't become a thing with the new bathroom at church. At least if women do that, they have a stall separating them.

Cheap food

   We have some stores in my area called Ollie's Bargain Outlet. They sell a lot of returns from companies, and have some great deals on books. I bought a couple of snack foods there this week, and discovered why they were so cheap. Fail. The first was BBQ flavored pistachios in  the shell. I love pistachios, so I was intrigued. Unfortunately, the sauce or whatever they put on them made them near impossible to get out of the shells. They were practically glued in the shells.... and they didn't taste that great. Fortunately, I was only out 99 cents when I pitched them.

  Fail #2: There is a Mennonite run store near me that sells bulk foods, baked goods, cheese, meats, etc. They had peach salsa on sale, so I bought one.....it is OK, but I don't think I'll eat much of it. It is too sweet, and tastes too much like peaches.

 Fail 3: sweet chili flavored pretzel pieces. These also came from Ollie's Bargain Outlet. They aren't terrible, but they also aren't that great.

Car insurance

 I knew my car insurance premiums would go up because of my accident, but I wasn't prepared for how much. I went from $400 for 6 months to $840 for 6 months. I shopped around and managed to find insurance for $606 for 6 months. Still more, but not as bad.

XM radio and pushy people

 With my new car, I got 3 months free of XM radio and am loving it. We have it at home, so I already knew I'd like it. I was on my way home from work last week when a woman from XM called me. She said she was calling to see how I liked my free 3 months, but I correctly assumed there was more to the call. After I answered her question, she launched into telling me about this great deal they have for 6 months. She then said "OK, let's get you signed up for this deal while I have you on the phone...." A big pet peeve of mine is a salesperson who does this very thing. They just act like you are going to buy the deal instead of asking you if you are interested. That's a great way to chase me off, and that is what she did. I politely interrupted her (if you can politely interrupt someone) and told her I'd think about it. She assured me the deal might not exist if I called back, and I said that was OK, thanked her, and hung up. I really, really don't like pushy sales people.


 I just officially finished my 6th month of working for the hospital, which means I now have "paid time off". Instead of vacation days/hours, you accrue hours each week called paid time off, which can be used however and whenever you want. I have 81.19 hours, which is very cool. Unfortunately, we just did a 3 month schedule for my department, so it will be a while until I can use any of those hours for days off.

Favorite candy

 My best friend was giving me a hard time this evening by text because I didn't know his favorite candy....pear flavored jelly beans. He ordered 5 pounds of them. (Ugh) He said I evidently don't know him very well, so I asked him what my favorite candy is. He of course didn't know. :)


 This was one of those weeks that I worked Friday and have both Saturday and Sunday off. I work 1 Sunday a month, and every other Saturday. So now I am going to go enjoy my weekend. Til next time!

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