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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July musings


  There is a sheriff in Ohio who is refusing to allow his deputies to carry Narcan on them. I am torn on the issue. It seems crazy to keep giving Narcan to people so they can go out and shoot up again with drugs. The majority of them are never going to stop the drugs......yet it seems wrong to just let them die also.

Bibles in schools

 Liberals and atheists are foaming at the mouth because Bible classes can now be taught in Kentucky schools. They're furious that tax dollars can be used for this. Ironically, liberal Christians seem more upset about this than evolution being taught in schools, along with the pro-gay/pro abortion crap being shoved on kids in the public schools.

 Three things:
1) Bibles were once part of education in all schools, and we were better off for it. Atheists and liberals ruined that.

2) Conservative Christians have as much right to have tax dollars go for that as liberals do for evolution, pro-gay crap, and the other godless things liberals worship.

3) The classes are voluntary. No one is required to take them.

Days off

  Today is the first of 6 days off in a row I have. I was planning on going to the Hope for Wholeness Conference, but it wasn't going to work out financially,  so I tried to cancel my days off. Unfortunately.....or fortunately, my boss decided to make out a schedule 2 months in advance and I couldn't cancel. I am looking forward to staying up late and getting up early, and am going to spend 2 days in the Amish part of Ohio, sightseeing, shopping, sampling cheese, and taking it easy. Unfortunately, I think it is going to rain yet again while I am there.

Church stuff

  I had posted a while back that my church was building onto our sanctuary, a move I am possibly all alone in thinking unnecessary. I discovered more to make me unhappy about it this week: they are taking our pews out and putting in all chairs. We have a few rows of chairs already, and I have had to sit in them a couple of times... and I do not like them. You have to sit too close to people, there is no room to spread out or lay things on the seat beside you. The prospect of always having to deal with that when I go to church has me very unhappy... but as with anything that happens at church, I have absolutely no say in it. #bringbackthepews

Teen Vogue

  Teen Vogue, a magazine for teenagers, published an article this week on the wonders of anal sex....for teens. If that doesn't upset you, then you are probably too far gone. Why do the liberals want so much deviation in kids? They fight for them to be able to transgender at any age, they encourage sexual promiscuity in teens, they encourage teens to experiment with the same sex, and more.

 I am scared for kids in the coming years. Liberals and our debased government want parents to let their kids do all of this stuff, and I fear the day may come in America that kids will be taken away if you don't let them be whatever gender or sexual orientation that they want to be.

 But I am not sure conservatives are much better. We did (well, not me) nominate and elect a liberal godless man who has owned strip clubs, committed adultery on at least 2 of his wives, has talked in very nasty terms about women, and wants to further gay and transgender rights. Maybe there is no hope for out country anymore.

God's Smuggler

 I just read and reviewed the Young Reader's Edition of God's Smuggler. I read the original probably at least 30 years ago, so it was like reading it for the first time. I found myself amazed at the faith of Brother Andrew and his helpers, and what was accomplished by having that much faith in God. Sadly we don't see that kind of faith and answers to prayer today.

Honest people

  I had something cool happen today that shows there are still honest people in the world. I used the self checkout at Walmart and did something I rarely do - did cashback, $40. I was trying to hurry so a guy waiting could use my register and stared walking away with my cart, forgetting the money. He called me back and asked if it was my money. God bless him and the other honest people out there. He could have grabbed it and I would have been out $40.

 I don't like self checkouts, but the express checkout was closed.

Taxes for Christian schools

 Something else liberals are upset about is the possibility of tax dollars going to Christian schools. I have seen a few posts about it, and they get all up in an uproar about it. There are a few things about that I'd like to point out:

1) Taxation is basically theft, and what right do liberals have to be outraged about taxes going to something Christian, when they are being forcibly taken from us anyway?

2) My tax dollars are going to things I don't want to support that are bad and immoral. Don't I have the right to be outraged about that? Or are liberals special and have a right to say where their taxes go and I don't have that right?

3) People that have their kids in Christians schools not only have the right to have help from the state, but they also should not have to shell out tax dollars to go to the cesspools of liberalism and godlessness that make up our public schools.

 Of course there is the danger of the state trying to dictate what is taught in Christian schools if they gave tax dollars to them..... but come on.....it isn't right or fair to insist tax dollars only go to liberal causes and what they approve of.

The mean God of the Calvinists 

  I don't want to offend my Calvinists friends, but what is up with the idea of God many of them have? I get the idea of liking once saved, always saved. I don't believe that, but I can understand wanting to believe it.

 But what I can't understand is this intensity with which they promote and defend the idea that God picks and chooses who He will save and who He will not. And that He gives us no choice in becoming a Christian, but just forces us to. (Yeah, many believe that).

 Which sounds more attractive: A God that offers salvation to all, and gives us a choice to serve Him, or a God who picks and chooses who He will save and who He will send to hell without ever offering salvation to? I struggled for years to believe God loved me, and had I had that belief instilled in me, I don't believe I would have ever been convinced God loves me.

 "For God so loved the whole world......" "It is not His will that any should perish." A God who many Calvinists talk about sounds like a mean, vindictive sadist. I believe God offers salvation to all, and gives us a choice to serve Him, or to live in sin and be judged for it. How can a just God judge and send people to hell who He picked out to send to hell?

Changing parties

  I am still mulling over changing my political party to Independent. I don't think I'll ever get over my party picking a man like Trump, and what I endured for daring to do what I felt was right and not voting for either major candidate.

 I have long wondered how a Christian could be a Democrat/liberal... the day may come when we wonder how a conservative could be a Republican.

Watch out for motorcycles

 The bumper stickers and yard signs saying to watch out for motorcycles have always annoyed me. Anyone driving such an unsafe vehicle should be responsible for watching out for other vehicles, and the more I see the way motorcyclists drive, the more those signs irritate me.

Outshine bars

 When I was on vacation in the Outer Banks, I discovered something new to me: Outshine, frozen fruit bars. They are totally awesome and have real fruit juice in them. My favorite is pineapple, which has chunks of pineapple in them. I am not sure how good they are for my diabetes, but I sure love them.

Music in the car

 I have been hardly listening to CDs in my car. It has a jack to play my iPod through, which my last car did not have.... and I also got 3 months free of XM radio. Between the iPod and XM, I rarely play a CD.

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  1. No intention of getting into a theological argument about the Calvinist - Arminian dispute, but there are some points in your blog which are incorrect:
    1. You said "And that He gives us no choice in becoming a Christian, but just forces us to. (Yeah, many believe that" - well, there are those who believe that, but "that" is not Calvinism, nor Biblical doctrine. God does not "force" anyone. He moves the will toward Christ. Forcing is like when a thief points a gun to your head and tells you to hand over your wallet or else... No one was converted "by force", but willingly - however, in his natural state, man has no will at all to be converted, and only wills it by God's grace. See Romans 3 (in fact, the whole book of Romans is quite strongly "calvinistic"). So don't judge Calvinism by its uneducated promoters.
    2. God's choosing does not cancel his love. On the contrary. He OWES manking condemnation. Salvation is a gift, and God is not under any obligation to give that gift, otherwise it would not be a gift. We accept that as a fact of life in many other things - for instance, you were born in America. What if you had been born in an African jungle 2500 years ago? What health would you have? What chance would you have of knowing the truth? The fact is, predestination is all around us.
    Anyway, in spite of our theological differences, I would like to say I treasure your friendship and consider you a brother in Christ, so please don't take things personally!