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Monday, August 14, 2017

Being OK with hate

  Facebook and the news has been full of the events of the weekend in Charlottesville. Everyone is out in full force to condemn the white supremacists. And they should be. What bothers me though, is many condemning their hate, racism, and actions have no issue with the same when it comes from groups like black lives matters.

 I have paid attention since BLM came on the scene. I have watched them destroy property, cheer the deaths of police officers, threaten white people and say all sorts of mean and nasty things about whites......and they get defended. I have called them a hate group from the start, and am more convinced of it than ever. Anyone who disagrees is either deluded, not paying attention, or is politically motivated to ignore the bad.

 Is there racism against black people in our country? Yes, of course there is..... but not as much as the media, Obama, and BLM would lead us to believe. Obama went into office with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas regarding white people. All during his presidency, he screamed racism as often as he could and got involved in as many white on black cases as he could.

 Case in point: Michael Brown. To this day, liberals and a lot of black people believe the false narrative that the police officer shot poor innocent Michael.... even though the evidence showed otherwise that Brown robbed a store, fought the cop for his gun, and charged the cop......but none of that matters. They insist Brown was wronged, and that event had a lot to do with the hate group Black Lives Matters being started.

 Around that same time, a white kid was shot by a black cop in similar circumstances.....and no one cared. No one destroyed buildings and shouted against black people......because it didn't fit the political agenda of Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the liberal media.

 I pay attention to the news, and there is a lot of hate and racism by blacks towards white people. Black people have made threats, called for killing white babies, and all whites. And the media is silent. They don't care about racism and hate aimed at white people, yet find racism and hate towards black people behind every bush and make it front page news.

 Here's the thing: You cannot condemn the white supremacists and support Black Lives Matters. They are two sides of the same coin. Both are guilty of hatred, bigotry, and racism. I read a blog post recently by a black man - read that again - a black man wrote it - and he strongly condemned Black Lives Matters and said a Christian cannot support them. Yet, many white people condemn you if you do not support them.

 I still despise everything about Donald Trump and believe conservatives and Christians in the Republican party lost their minds and morals when they nominated him for the GOP contender for president. I feel he divided the Republican party as Obama divided the country, and is a bully who has said a lot of mean and cruel things about people. That said, I don't believe the events of this weekend can be laid at his feet. He may have helped it along by his rhetoric, but those people were what they are long before he ran for president.

 If Donald Trump can be blamed for the events of this weekend, then Obama must be blamed for the hatred, destruction, and racism done by Black Lives Matters and other black people who are set against cops and white people. You cannot hold Trump guilty and give Obama a free pass for all of his hateful rhetoric, anti-Christian, anti-white, and anti-cop comments he made during his presidency.

 If Donald Trump can be condemned for not condemning the events of this weekend harshly enough, then Obama should be condemned for not condemning at all  the destruction, hatred, and racism from Black Lives Matters. ( And no, I am not defending DT. I still don't like him)

 The thing is, it is all about politics. There are people who defend the evil done and said by BLM, who are hotly condemning the white supremacists. And though I know of none personally, there are people condemning BLM who are OK with white supremacists and their actions and hate.

The truth of the matter is, we put blinders on and only care about the issues important to us. There are people condemning things Trump does that Obama did, and they were OK with it from him. There are people who condemned Obama for things they are OK with in Trump.

 As Christians, we should oppose all racism, not just what our political party tells us to oppose....whether it be against blacks, whites, Chinese, or martians. We should oppose destruction and hate speech from any group, not just ones we oppose because of politics.

 I firmly believe no true Christian should support Black Lives Matters OR the white supremacists. To support either, is to be OK with the hatred and racism of that group. And we should never, ever be OK with that.

 **And yes, I know there are likely some people in BLM with legitimate complaints and concerns, but they are drowned out by the voices of hate, racism, and those making insane demands that are special treatment, not equal treatment.

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  1. One more thing we agree with, Taco! The left loves that - to demand "tolerance" but to withdraw that same tolerance when anyone disagrees with them. Democracy, to them, means "agree with me".