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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Would Jesus boycott Beauty and the Beast because of a gay moment?

   Sometimes you can tell the slant of an article by the title of it.... and this one was obvious: "Would Jesus boycott Beauty and the Beast because of a 'gay moment'?" The writer believes that there is no way Jesus would  boycott "Beauty" because of the gay moment.

   There have been a lot of posts about this controversy. There are people and organizations calling for a boycott, and people knocking boycotts and saying it isn't that bad, some are even saying that you should just let your kids go see it and educate them.

 But would Jesus boycott it?

   It amazes me how so many people know exactly what Jesus would do in these cases... and what a surprise that He would do the thing they agree with. The article writer has no issue with the gay moment and is against a boycott, so of course he is going to say Jesus would not boycott it. It's funny how that works....Jesus always agreeing with us and doing what we would do, or not doing what we would not do.

   Here is a better question: would Jesus watch anything for entertainment that glorified or painted in a good way a sin that He died for? Seriously.... would He? He went through the agony of the cross, suffered, and died for the sin of homosexuality (and all sin). Can you imagine Him being entertained by something portraying that sin in a positive light?

 Or any sin.

   Evangelical Christians tend to pick and choose what to be outraged by and what to stand against. Back a few years, a movie released in theaters called "Brokeback Mountain", a story of two men having a gay relationship. Christians were horrified and boycotts were called against theaters that showed it. Yet the same churches never called for boycotts against movies, or theaters that showed movies with heterosexual immorality in. I don't think any even called for boycotts of theaters that show the porn lite 50 Shades of Grey movies. But a gay cowboy movie.....of course we need to boycott that and take a stand.

 We condemn Democrats for immorality and other wrongs, yet have no problem when our party's candidate does the same and worse.

  We watch all kinds of immorality and sin on TV, but are outraged when a pro-gay company puts a gay moment in a movie.

 Selective morality. Selective outrage.

 Is it any wonder the world does not take Christians seriously?

    At the risk of sounding like those whose Jesus agrees with them and would do everything they do, let me give you a pearl of wisdom: I don't believe Jesus would watch Beauty and the Beast, and not because of the gay moment (though I hold with what I said earlier) -  I don't believe He would waste time on the entertainment Hollywood throws our way. Be honest: If the three persons of the Trinity would appear in bodily form, how many of our TV shows and movies would we still watch? How comfortable would we be if the Trinity sat in on our viewing of the shows and movies we watch? Would we cringe? Would we be  embarrassed? Would we want to fast forward through some parts?

  We tend to be too earthly minded, and too addicted to the god of entertainment. We will defend watching movies like the Shack, ignoring the many reasons we shouldn't. We will watch shows glorifying all sorts of sin and will defend our watching it. But have we so capitulated and bowed to the gods of this earth, that we honestly believe we MUST watch anything?

No, we don't have to watch the Superbowl

No, we don't have to watch Game of Thrones

No, we don't have to watch the newest vampire movie or TV show

No, we don't have to watch the newest Disney movie.

No, we don't have to watch the newest superhero movie.

  I have my things I like to watch, but really...... I don't need to watch them. I like to think I am careful in what I view, but am I careful enough? Would Jesus watch what I watch, if He watched anything?

  I am convinced TV/Hollywood has helped America become more godless and immoral. I am also convinced it has helped us become used to and more accepting of things we wouldn't normally be. We have gotten used to immorality and profanity. Homosexuality is the newest frontier, and they have been putting gay characters in wherever they can. Is anyone who has been paying attention truly shocked that Disney would put a "gay moment" in a movie geared for kids? Liberals and Hollywood have long been trying to indoctrinate kids that "gay is OK". It was just a matter of time til they tried it in a Disney movie.

  Back to Jesus. The TV show and movie that doesn't glorify sin in some way, or is not profanity-filled is rare. I don't care if it is Beauty and the Beast or The Dukes of Hazzard (the only sinful thing I remember about that was Daisy Duke's too short shorts.....)...... I don't think an argument can seriously be made for the Son of God to watch anything that glorifies sin.

   There is one thing you can count on: Jesus would be consistent. He wouldn't watch and be entertained by something that glorifies heterosexual immorality, then be outraged by a gay moment in a movie.

 So would Jesus boycott Beauty and the Beast? I believe He would boycott any form of entertainment that portrayed any sin in a positive light......including much of what evangelical Christians watch, listen to, and read.

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