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Saturday, March 18, 2017

March musings

  Blogging has been rough lately. I only blogged 3 times in February, and March isn't looking much better. I haven't had much to say that isn't political, and no one wants to hear my political thoughts since I'm not for the man in the White House.....plus my depression/anxiety have been really bad lately, which interferes majorly with a lot in life, including my writing.,..... it has also made me more anti-social.  But even with those issues, I still have had things bouncing around in my brain, so here they are:


 If they can come up with something that kills 99.99% of germs, why not come up with something that kills 100%? Want to impress me with your product, Lysol, make your product kill 100% of germs...

House buying

I am seriously tired of and discouraged with the house buying venture...... I am starting to wonder if I'm even supposed to buy a house of my own.


  The Trump/GOP healthcare plan sounds a lot like Obamacare. So much for that full and complete repeal......

Feel-good Christianity

  Whether it be The Shack, Jesus Calling, or anything else that may not be up to Bibical standards, as long as it makes people feel good, or they receive help - or perceived help, no one seems to care anymore about things or people agreeing with the Bible. Instead of calling out false teachers, we buy their books and other media, and defend them against accusations that they are wrong.

 Lies We Believe About God

   William Paul Young, the author of The Shack, has written a non-fiction book titled "Lies We Believe About God". In it, he takes the same beliefs he put in The Shack and brings them more blatantly out and says we have believed lies. His beliefs: universalism - everyone is going to Heaven, that there is more than one way to God, that no one goes to hell.... among other false teachings and heresies...and yet Christians are raving about his book and movie.

Transgender God

 Speaking of The Shack,  there is a transgender pastor who is claiming that God is transgender. Maybe he got the idea from reading The Shack........ am I really the only one who considers it beyond bizarre that the god of The Shack is a woman who wants to be called "Papa"? Maybe the god of The Shack IS transgender.


 I have been somewhat surprised at my job to discover there are actually people afraid to ride elevators. Often they ask for someone to ride it with them, and others they want the stairs. The one that surprised me the most was a  young man in his early 20's who asked for the stairs so he wouldn't have to ride the elevator.

St Patrick's Day

 I don't really get St Patrick's Day.....people wish you a Happy St Patrick's Day, but how does one have a happy St Patrick's Day? The closest I came to doing anything to commemorate the day was sitting in a restaurant that was playing Irish music and was decorated for the holiday.

The Facebook store

  I hate it when people are constantly using Facebook to try to sell some product. The constant posts are not going to get me to try a product.... it will just cause me to keep scrolling.

Fully Alive

  Way back in 1983, The Bill Gaither Trio recorded what I consider to be one of their best albums, Fully Alive. I consider Welcome Back Home the best one they recorded. Unfortunately, Fully Alive was never released on CD (the other one was). Other than 2 songs from Fully Alive, I have not heard  the rest of that album for 20-some years....until recently. Bless the man who put the whole album on YouTube. I am again able to enjoy that album.

Making God our puppet

 There is a danger with the onset of books like The Shack, Jesus Calling, and others. In such books, the author makes God say what the author wants Him (or her, as in The Shack) say. The danger is when people read those books and think that is really what God is like and is saying.

Liberals and the Bible

 It still amazes me how liberals will use the Bible to try to further their agenda on things such as welfare, illegal immigrants, and refugees.....yet ignore it when it condemns homosexuality and abortion.

 I wonder if these Christians who are liberals realize how hard liberals fight against religious freedoms, and that liberals will be the ones to outlaw Christianity..... if it ever happens in our country.

Donald Trump

 I still cannot stand the man - and it isn't stubbornness or pride on my part, as some have claimed.  I haven't forgotten how he treated people,  what he has done, and what kind of man he is..... and I am weary of people acting like you are un-American or un-Christian if you oppose him. That is liberal ideology.

 And though I don't like liberals either, I feel Trump deserves every attack he gets by liberals. Maybe if he had acted like a decent human being, I might drum up some sympathy for him. Maybe.

 I still believe the man will be impeached before the end of his term, but I could be wrong.


 I seriously cannot wait til winter is over. Yeah, I know it hasn't been a bad one, but I still don't like it. Everything is more dreary and grey. It is still cold and we still have snow..... and it has been proven that people are more depressed  in the winter..... something I can attest to.


  My stack of books to read is getting out of hand. Unfortunately, one thing my depression/anxiety affects is my reading. There are times I have to practically force myself to read.

Family Christian Stores

 I am sad that Family Christian Stores are closing. I don't really enjoy shopping at the only other Christian Bookstore in the area, the one I worked at for 5 years. I will probably shop more on Amazon and Christian Book Distributors, but I'll miss browsing in a Christian bookstore. On line shopping is no replacement for that.

 There are a lot of opinions why they are closing....... I have wondered a little if their being open on Sundays played into it. I have long believed God honors businesses that close on the Sabbath. Maybe that had nothing to do with it, but it is as good of a theory as some I have read.


 Our family vacation is fast approaching - the end of May - and I still haven't lost any of the weight I want to lose before vacation. Not sure that is going to happen. Sadly my appetite is not affected by depression, unless it is to eat more.

Used stores

 People who don't shop at used stores are really missing out. Not only have I got a lot of nice clothing at these stores, I have also picked up some great CDs and DVDs for a cheap price at these stores.

Bible versions

 Speaking of missing out: I believe that people who only use the KJV are missing out. I enjoy reading from multiple versions. The people who bug me the worst are the ones who practically worship the KJV and are constantly putting down other versions and those who use them.


 I get why Calvinists like the part of their doctrine that says that once we become Christians, there is no way we will ever not be Christians and miss Heaven. However, I cannot understand why they want to believe God picks and chooses people to send to hell without ever offering them a chance to serve Him. I would think that kind of God would be hard to tell people about. How can they say God loves everyone? And why defend that belief so fervently?

Girl Scout cookies

  I personally never plan on buying Girl Scout cookies again. If you look at the organizations they support, they are all liberal, pro-gay, and pro-baby killing organizations. Besides, the cookies are way too expensive.

Church addition

  My church is spending a lot of money to make the church bigger..... but I am not sure we need that. Churches are growing smaller and dying all around us. We have no assurance that in the future we will need even the space we have now. But no one ever asks my opinion....... I am just there to warm a pew :)

Eating at a bar

 Today I sat and ate at a bar. I went to one of my favorite restaurants, O'Charley's, for lunch. They had some deal that if you sat at the bar, you got free soft drinks. I was going to order water, but I was happy to sit at the bar for free pop..... and I was the only person sitting there, and one of two groups of people in the whole restaurant. They had some great Irish music playing that was mostly instrumental, and it really added to the ambiance of my dining experience.


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