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Monday, August 1, 2016

Ways Hillary is better than Trump

**Disclaimer: I am NOT pro-Hillary, nor will I be voting for her. This post is just to try to show how I view Trump isn't any better than she, or vice versa.

   Both candidates disgust me, and both are so far removed from what is important to me, that I cannot vote for either. Many Christians and conservatives are urging support for Trump just to beat Hillary. I don't consider myself smarter or better than anyone, though I do consider myself pretty politically savvy..... and to me there is no lesser of two evils. You have to overlook and ignore way too much about Trump to say he is the lesser of two evils, and I won't overlook that.

  I know all of the reasons Hillary is a terrible choice, and the reasons Trump is a terrible choice. I know the ways she is worse than he is, but there are also ways she is better than he is...... and in this "stop Hillary at any cost" rush we are in, these are ignored and no one wants to talk about them. It probably is not an exhaustive list, but this is what I came up with:

1) Foreign policy. Trump is clueless on foreign policy. Hillary is corrupt, but she does know a lot about foreign policy.

2) Trump is unhinged, quickly flies off the handle, goes after anyone who disagrees with him, is thin-skinned, and a bully. The idea of him having control of our military and our nuclear codes scares me more than Hillary being in that position.

3) Hillary is more qualified to be president. No, I didn't say she is qualified or fit to be president, but she is more qualified than DT.

4) Trump is far more vulgar than Hillary is.

5) Hillary has been more consistent with her policies and views - not totally consistent, but more consistent than DT has been.

6) We know what we are getting with Hillary. Trump switched his views and policies so recently and has changed them too often, that the devil we know may be better than the devil we do not know.... no one knows what Trump will do, but just "hopes" that he will do better.

7) The Republicans are more likely to fight Hillary on bad laws and policies, but more likely to go along with whatever Trump tries since he will be in the same party.

8) Conservatism may not survive a Trump presidency, but we would survive a Hillary presidency.

9) Hillary knows the Constitution and separation of powers... Trump has no clue about either.

10) To our knowledge, Hillary has been more moral personally than DT has......no, I didn't say she is moral, but appears to be moral than he.

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  1. Good job. Did you see Joel Steese's post? He argued similarly to you. And I think #7 may be the most important one. Or at least the most overlooked one. IMO.