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Friday, August 19, 2016

Meme/picture hate

  I love memes on Facebook. There are some that are funny, encouraging, political, and so on...... and then there are some which are downright annoying. Of course it depends on who you are as to what ones annoy you, but here are some of my "favorites".

1) The "like if you love Jesus, scroll if you love the devil" meme. Really, my love for Jesus is dependent on "liking" a meme you posted in an attempt to get a "like" on your post? Not gonna happen. If I love Jesus, I am going to obey and serve Him, not "like" a meme :)

2) The "tattooed people are nice, church people are judgmental" meme. This seems to be a desperate attempt to get approval for one's tattoos and attempt to shut up people who don't like them. I find it annoying, and always want to reply, "and most gang members and drug addicts are covered in tattoos.... I'll take my chances with church people....."

3) The "like this so my daddy will quit smoking", or something similar ploy. The message varies, but I find it dumb, to be blunt. To depend on people you don't know to influence anything like getting a puppy or to quit smoking is just....stupid. And with people sharing and re-sharing, I doubt there is any way to get a true count.

4) Any pro-Trump post, especially ones that claim anything Christian about him. No explanation necessary

5) The "I married my best friend" meme. How lovely for you. If I married my best friend, I'd be marrying a guy......... and when did your spouse become your best friend? Most people have best friends growing up, so when did your same gender best friend cease to be your best friend?

6) The "watch for motorcycles" memes and pictures. Uh, if you are driving a less safe vehicle, you need to watch out for bigger vehicles and take responsibility for yourself.

7) The "real men wear beards" meme. This one irritates me. I think guys look gross with much facial hair. To infer I am not a real man because I shave my face - and it is called "clean-shaven" for a reason..... it is irritating and not true.

8) The "if you aren't voting for Trump, you are voting for Hillary". This one really ticks me off. That is like saying if I don't buy vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate, I am really buying vanilla...... it makes as much sense.

9) Any sports meme.... because I hate sports :)

10) Calvinist memes. Many of them are hateful, mocking anyone who isn't a Calvinist. As someone who is not, and who sees a lot of holes in Calvinism, I really hate these memes..... just Google "Calvinist memes" and you'll find a lot of "lovely" ones.

11) Memes that say to "like" and God will bless you, etc. Come on, do you really believe that?

12) The "if you" memes. Again, it seems like an attempt to just get "likes"

13) The kids memes that have a caption that no kid that age would say.....they just bug me for some reason.

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  1. You said what I think! Especially the ones about like if you love God, or, like for a blessing from God.