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Thursday, August 25, 2016

In.........we trust

   This election cycle has been the craziest one I have ever seen. We have two very unpopular candidates, and the Democrat that should have been extremely easy to beat is most likely going to win by a landslide. If one takes off their rose colored glasses and looks at things realistically and logically, it is obvious that Hillary Clinton is most likely going to be president. Polls have consistently shown her beating Trump, but losing to the more conservative candidates people passed over to support Trump. Add these to it, you cannot be realistic and logical and believe that Donald Trump will win:

1)  That we have lost the last couple of elections because we didn't run a conservative candidate

2)  Trump is to the left of either of the two moderate candidates who could not win

3)  That a lot of conservative voters don't vote if they don't like the candidate, while the Democrats vote for their candidate no matter how corrupt they are.

    Even if Trump does win, I am of the thinking that we won't be any better off with him as president than we would be with Hillary. In fact, there are things about him that worry me more than she does, and vice versa.

  I used to like Ann Coulter and faithfully read her column. She lost me though when Romney came along. At CPAC the year before the 2012 election, she said that if Romney was the GOP candidate, he would lose and we'd get another four years of Obama. Fast forward to the primaries, and she became one of Romney's biggest cheerleaders.....and ding! ding! ding! - it turned out the 2011 Ann was correct...Romney lost and we got four more years of Obama. When the Ebola scare came on and they brought the missionary doctor to the US for treatment, Ann was very vocal in criticizing him for even going to Africa, and wrote a scathing article criticizing missionaries for going to other countries and suggested they just stay here in America. That article sealed it for me that she is no conservative, nor is she capable of logical and intelligent thought anymore.

    In case anyone still believes the woman is sane, her newest book should be proof that she is not. Titled "In Trump We Trust",  the book is a case for making Trump president. It would seem she learned nothing from her 180 degree turn on Romney. It would also seem her trust is vastly misplaced. I don't know what her religious leanings are, but she has never said anything to indicate a relationship with Jesus Christ, and she would do much better to place her trust in Him than in an adulterous strip club owner who for years supported the very person he is running against.

    I'll admit this election has really had me down. The more I saw of and learned about Trump, the more I despised his character and morals, the more I was convinced he is unfit and unqualified to be president, and the more I was convinced that he can not beat Hillary.......if he even wants to. When he won the nomination, I was very upset, angry, and depressed. We had a real chance at having a decent conservative president, and the Republican party blew it. Again. I can't imagine where our country will be in another four years under Hillary - or Trump, if I am wrong on him losing. Both candidates want to further gay rights, which will further destroy religious freedoms. Both candidates are pro-abortion and support Planned Parenthood. Both candidates are corrupt and unfit to be president. Both candidates pretend to be Christian to get votes, but make it obvious that neither of them are serious about serving God. We are headed for more moral and economical decay and possible collapse.

   I have felt convicted lately though. Am I any better than Ann Coulter if I am worrying so much about this election and what happens afterward? No matter what happens to America and our freedoms in the next four or eight years, the church will survive. God will still be God and will take care of those who serve Him. We may lose our freedoms, we may have judges on the Supreme Court who wipe out the Constitution, but neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump can take God and our faith away from us.

   If our faith and trust are in any candidate, in our government, freedoms, or anything to do with out country....we have seriously misplaced our trust and faith. As I am typing this, we have Christian brothers and sisters in Muslim countries who are going through unspeakable things because they are serving the same God that we serve. I hope we never get that bad here in America, but if God can keep them and if they can keep their faith in God in even those circumstances, then surely we can keep our faith in God under a Hillary or Trump presidency.....no matter what either may bring.

   It would seem that many are placing our rights and even our fears above doing the right thing in this election. I am not condemning anyone who is going to vote for Trump as a last resort, nor those who honestly feel they are doing the right thing by voting for him in an attempt to stop what they view as the greater evil. (I do blame those who have supported him all along and passed over decent candidates to put him in)  However, I would pose this question to anyone planning on voting for Donald Trump: are you putting your fears and your country/freedoms above what you believe is right? No, I am not judging you, I am just asking a question.

   I am trying to adopt a new attitude about this election. I am still not voting for DT or Hillary, but I am working on leaving it in God's hands. There is a possibility that Hillary Clinton is part of God's plan to wake up this country, especially we Christians...... so why worry?

   This may be a newsflash to some, but God's concerns and priorities are not the same as ours. We look at this election and want what we think is best for our country and freedoms..... yet God is more concerned with our hearts and in lost souls than politics and our American freedoms. He has children all across the globe who are suffering for their faith, and yet we are so self-centered and narcissistic that we think we Americans and our politics are His #1 priority..... or we at least act like we think that.

  We have sat back on our laurels for way too long. We American Christians have gotten comfortable with abortion, immorality, and we show it by our voting. It may be time to pay the piper.

 When the dust settles in January, we will have one of two corrupt liberals as president, barring a miracle. What follows this election may test us and our faith like never before, and we may have to take unpopular stands which may cost us more than we want to pay.

 Our trust cannot lie in Trump, Cruz, the Constitution, or our country. As Christians, our faith and trust must be in God. Maybe it is past time we start living like it is, and maybe it is time we start viewing this election like we have faith and trust in God.

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