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Monday, August 10, 2015

My thoughts on the 2016 candidates so far

I didn't watch the debates last week, but I did watch some highlights and read a lot about them. I already had some opinions, and they didn't really change much for most of the candidates. According to my Facebook feed, everyone won...... and everyone won.

  Now obviously not everyone won, and some shone more than others..... and some we still don't know much about.

So here is what I think about the candidates. The Democrats and hopefully losers first:

 1) Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, the biggest loser in the debates was Hillary Clinton. You'd think the person who is supposed to be the Democratic front-runner might want to watch the GOP debates to eye her competition........ but nope. She was off taking selfies with Kim Kardasian, too busy to watch her opponents.

  I would never vote for a pro-abortion candidate anyway, so she has that strike against her, not to mention all of her other horrible policies and her endless line of scandals. One would think she and Obama were in a race to see who can end up with the most scandals. She is old, has nothing going for her, has no record, no accomplishments and is avoiding the media like the plague instead of being out there actually campaigning. I think she will be easy to beat. And she is a liar to boot.

2) Bernie Sanders. Again, no way I am voting to him with his socialist and pro-abortion policies. He is outgunning Hillary already and may beat her out for the Democratic nomination. He looks older than dirt, and at 73 would be 77 at the end of a 4 year presidency... if he lived that long. Yeah, I know Regan was old, but he didn't act it and far outshone his age.

3) Martin O'Malley. I glanced at his policies, and they stink. Not only is he pro-abortion, he supports federal funding of abortion. Plus he is a wuss...... after saying all lives matter and making the black lives matter mad, he apologized for saying all lives matter. Really? What a wimp. He is also a crazed climate change politician.

The Republicans, and hopefully one of these will be the winner and be our next president.

My top 3 picks:

1) Scott Walker. I have watched him the last few years and have been impressed with him. A Christian who stands for the right things, and he has cleaned up his state, faced a recall and won, then won a second election, something never done before. I personally believe we'd be better off with a governor as president, and he fits the bill. The only thing I am not sure about him on is immigration..... he may be weak on that, but he is still one of my top picks.

2)  Ted Cruz. Another top pick. He has a spine and stands for all of  the right things. He is not afraid to go up against his own party, and has done so only to get derided and shredded by his own party. I would vote for him in a heartbeat, and believe he'd do an awesome job as president.

3) Marco Rubio. I know, he was weak on immigration in the past, but I believe he has his head on straight now, and people CAN change their minds. He looks presidential, he sounds presidential, has an impressive record and career, and is nice-looking to boot... beside him, Hillary Clinton would look like an old hag, to put it bluntly. I like him a lot and would not have to hold my nose to vote for him.

My possibles: (in no particular order)

4) Ben Carson. I like him, but would need to know more about his stance on the issues before I'd vote for him. He is very pro-life, which is a must for me, but I don't know much else about him. I like the fact that he has no political experience, but that would be held against him by the media and Democrats.

5) Carly Fiorina. I am not ready for a woman president, though I would much rather it be a conservative one than a Democrat/liberal one. I never heard of Fiorina before she announced her candidacy, but she is good. She handles herself very well in interviews and in the debate she was just in, and I like everything I know so far, though there is an article about her praising Islam, and if that is true..... well, then I wouldn't like her so well. I'd need to know more about her before she became a definite for me, and it would help if she were a man...... sorry, but it is true :) Another plus for her in my book is that she is not a politician.

6) Bobby Jindal. I like everything about him, and like the fact that he is a governor. He has stood up to Obama in the past and has de-funded Planned Parenthood in his state, or at least funding from Medicaid for it. He seems to have done a good job as governor, and as it stands now I'd have no problem voting for him, though he is another I would need to know more about on the issues.

7) Rick Perry. I am not sure why, but I am not crazy about Perry. He has a good record as governor, and seems to be pretty conservative. Part of me says he ran once, he should just go away now. I wouldn't have as much trouble voting for him as I did McCain and Romney, and really can't find anything I don't like about him..... he just isn't a favorite.

8) Rand Paul. He isn't a top pick, not even among my "possibles." He says and does a lot of good, but also has some of his dad's ideas and I consider his dad a kook politically. He would be tons better than what we have now, and a definitely better than a Hillary Clinton presidency. I wouldn't have to hold my nose to vote for him, but it would be close.

9) John Kasich. He is my governor, and I have been happy with him. He is far better than our last governor who was a Democrat and better than the governor before that who was a useless Republican. However, why bother getting in the race so late? He needs to just stick with governing at this point. Would I vote for him for president? I'd have no problem doing so if he won the nomination, but he won't.

10) Rick Santorum. I like the guy and everything he stands for, but I don't think he has a chance. And he is another who shouldn't bother running again. I wouldn't have a problem voting for him, but he seems weak to me, and is definitely not a top pick.

My "Who on earth are they?!) candidates:

11) George Pataki. I know absolutely nothing about him except he was governor of New York... and I didn't know that until they said when he announced his candidacy. Would I vote for him? Not until I learned a lot more about him than that one thing.

12) Jim Gilmore. I know less about him as I think he was a governor, but where...... uh, I don't know and I don't care enough to look it up. He isn't even on my radar other than a mention since he is running.

My "no way Jose' candidates. The ones I would most likely stay home if they ran..... they are that bad in my eyes:

13) Donald Trump. He has a spine, and once he says something he will not back down.....something more politicians need to pick up for themselves. He says the right things about illegal immigration and is giving that the attention it needs. Oddly, he is polling the highest of all candidates among Hispanic voters.

  But he is a loudmouth, rude, and arrogant. He is a performer, not presidential material. He has said some things he shouldn't have, has ties to liberals, and can't take the heat just like Obama. I am afraid he will run as a third party candidate and  hand the presidency to the Democrats, and wonder if that is his plan. He is bad news.

14) Mike Huckabee. He has some good points, but I am not a fan. I think he is a RINO, and wouldn't make a good president. And again.... he already ran. Go away. He is better than the others in this mini list, but I don't want to vote for him.

15) Chris Christie. Absolutely not. He is more Democrat than Republican, and has the record to show for it. He would be a mistake as a president.

16) Jeb Bush. Nope. He is a RINO and is weak or wrong on too many issues.. plus though I liked George W, we don't need another Bush. Oddly enough, no one seems to like him and everyone wonders how he is polling as well as he is. He needs to go away, and if he gets the nomination, we will lost.

17) Lindsey Graham: He is a RINO who I like nothing about.,,,,, including his voice. I couldn't vote for him. His record as Senator speaks for him too well......he gets a resounding no from me.

   We have too many candidates and hopefully it gets weeded out soon, but there are a lot of good ones. There are several that I could vote for without holding my nose, which hasn't happened for a while. And my opinion could change on some of them as they debate and some of them trip and stumble.... but if the election were held tomorrow, these are my views right now.

 I do believe we need a true conservative. We have run RINOS the last couple of elections and lost..... because too many didn't want to vote for them. I and many others believe if we get a true conservative in there, we can win. And we need to win before someone else finishes what Obama started and totally destroys our freedoms and this country.

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