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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The promise and hope of spring

  I hate winter. I really, really hate it. The only redeemable feature I see of it is Christmas, but Jesus most likely wasn't born in the winter, so that means we just observe His birth at the deadest season of the year. Kind of weird, but then we celebrat His resurrection during Spring, the most hopeful and alive season of the year. Maybe we need to move Christmas to summer.

 I don't like the cold, I don't like the snow. Driving on snow and ice covered roads scares me far more than it used to, and I have become a slow white-knuckled driver. Just yesterday, it snowed all day, and I had to walk a long distance to my car from work, clean 4-5 inches of snow off of my car while it snowed and I waded in at least that much snow in shoes that were no match for that much snow. Then I drove 5 and 10 mph down a steep and very slick hill, then 30 more miles on roads that were very bad and snow-covered.

  My white car needs washed badly. It is amazing what a mess white snow can make on a vehicle.

  I deal with depression 365 days a year, but it is much worse in the winter, and any doctor will tell you that is the case. Mine verified it. Everything is so grey, dead, ugly, dark, cold, and the weather gives a sense of hopelessness and despair that the people who love winter and never understand or relate to.

  I long to visit the covered bridge near me and walk on  the bike trail with my iPod,,,,,, but it is too cold, and I don't walk in the snow.

  I long to drive along with my car windows down and feel the warm air going across my skin.

 I long to walk outside without having to bundle up in warm clothes.

 I long to see green and pretty flowers everywhere, instead of barren trees, and dead grass and plants.

 I long to not feel cooped up inside, to go to bed in shorts and a t-shirt, and not have to burrow under a couple of blankets.

 I long to see the sunshine...... and feel the sunshine.

 I long to walk barefoot at the beach and feel the water around my feet.

A "friend" said stupidity is hating winter and living where it is cold. If I were wealthy enough, I'd go where it is warm during the winter, but I love my family too much to move that far away that I'd be where it is warm all year long..... so I guess I will remain here and be stupid.

  But we have a hope and promise of warmer weather. Spring is coming. The day is not far off when flowers will start popping their heads up through the soil. The brown grass will turn green. Birds will sing more, ugly and barren trees will burst forth with color. The sun will shine, and we will FEEL it, not just see it. The snow and cold will go away for several months.

 I will again get a better handle on this depression and hopelessness that plagues me and feel happier and more hopeful again.

 It happens every year, and we know it is coming. Spring, the season of hope and new life. The season Jesus rose from the dead, after lying dead in a tomb all week-end.

  I have been thinking about this lately, the hope and promise of spring. I am looking forward to it, and counting the days down to when I get my sandals and cooler clothes out, of when I can jump in my car and take off without needing to warm it up or brush snow off of it. And a thought hit me....

  This life can be like winter. I for one, weary of the devil hounding my every move. I weary of feeling so alone at times, wishing I had someone to love and love me. I weary of this increasing anti-Christian and anti-God sentiment that is growing in our country, fueled by godless politicians and media. I weary of getting up every day and going to work whether I feel like it or not. I weary of struggling with my weight, weaknesses, pain, ruts of normalcy, financial problems, monotonous days, always feeling tired, of not having enough time to just relax and have fun.

  But just as we have the promise and hope of Spring, we have the promise and hope of Heaven. For all who serve God faithfully, we will leave this all behind us some day and have eternal Spring. Yes, I believe it will be Spring in Heaven......forever.

There will be no pain
There will be no cold and snow
There will be no death
No betrayal of friends
No devil to tempt and hound us
No loneliness
No dark days

  The weather will be perfect, we will be surrounded my friends who love us. We will be able to eat whatever and how much we want, and not worry about weight gain. There will be no good byes. We'll never have to clean snow off of a car again or worry about wrecking on bad roads... or of hitting suicidal deer.

 We know when Spring is coming, at least a general idea. Sometimes winter doesn't like to let go...... but we know within a certain time frame when it is coming, and that gives us winter haters, those who suffer with seasonal depression some hope. Better, brighter, and warmer days are coming...... and they aren't too far off.

  Heaven? None of us knows when it is coming. For some, sooner than others. But the day will come when we shed these earthly bodies and step through the gates of our eternal home and kneel before the One we have followed here on life, and hear those words "well done, thou good and faithful servant." And then we will start an eternity of spring, happiness, and eternal life. That is our promise and hope.

 The sky seems gray above me
      And I can't see the light of day
      There's a ray breaking through the shadows
       And the smile can't be far away
       Thank God for the promise of springtime
        Once again my heart will sing
        There's a brand new day a-dawning
         Thank God for the promise of spring

         Though the earth looks bleak and barren
          And the seeds they're brown and dead
           But the promise of life grows within them
           And I know spring is just ahead

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