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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Obama's Muslim problem

This could be my most outrageous blog post ever, well other than the one that I posted the problems I have with home schooling... I'm surprised I am still alive after that one.

  Obama is a horrible president. I am one who paid attention when he ran the first time, and found a lot to be concerned about. I would never vote for a pro-abortion president anyway, and he is the most pro-abortion president we have ever had, but the more I heard about his background, the people he hung out with and looked up to.... the more worried I was about what kind of man was going to be running our country.

  Sadly, he has not disappointed. He has ignored laws and enforced what he wants. He has helped promote the gay agenda and pro-abortion agenda even more than his liberal predecessors. He has offended our allies and gotten in bed with our enemies. He claims to be a Christian, but fights us and everything we stand for.

  Barack Hussein Obama was raised a Muslim. He has stated that the call to Muslim prayer is one of the most wonderful sounds he has heard... yet doesn't like our national anthem.

  And he is way too much pro-Muslim. You could fill the pages of a good sized book with the pro-Muslim statements he has made, the defense of Muslims and Islam he has done, and the multiple secret meetings he has made with Muslims, many of them connected to terror groups who want America destroyed.

  I honestly am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am going to throw one out there. I do believe Obama is a Muslim. Doubt it if you will, but his actions and words are far more Muslim than Christian.

  First, a few facts:
1) Obama was raised in the Muslim faith, and though he supposedly converted to Christianity, has never renounced Islam

2) He refuses to meet with the prime minister of Israel, but has had many closed door meetings with Muslims

3) His right hand woman, Valerie Jarrett, was born and raised in Iran, one of our greatest enemies.

4) He makes many pro-Muslim statements, and focuses on their holidays and special days, while ignoring Christianity and our special days for the most part. (read some of those pro-Muslim statements here)

5) Even the supposedly peaceful Muslims want Islam to rule the world, including the USA.

6) Muslims admit to "stealth jihad", where they go into a country and slowly start influencing the country to be pro-Muslim, doing things to slowly get their laws allowed and get a favorable view of them and their religion.

7) Obama grew up hating white people.

  Keeping these things in mind, and that several Muslim countries hate us and want to take us down or take us over, I am going to throw out a scenario.

  Imagine now, a young Muslim black man grows up hating America, Israel, white people, and Christianity. He hangs out with and idolizes others who hate America.... well that part isn't imagined, that is Obama. Now, imagine this young man is noticed by the right people. They know this charismatic young man could go places and accomplish their desired agenda in America. They start grooming him and help him move up the political ladder. Anyone who gets in his way is ruthlessly shredded and destroyed - again not imagined. He makes a supposed conversion to Christianity and starts going to church. A church that has a black pastor who hates white people and hates America.
  Then he runs for president of the USA. They scrub as much of his past as they can. They make his college transcripts unavailable. Any opposition is met with screams of racism and the liberal media helps them shred anyone who dares to bring up any doubts or concerns. He declares he wants to fundamentally change America, and immediately starts to write executive orders to undo as much of what George W Bush did as he can. He decides he doesn't like the Defense of Marriage Act and is not going to enforce it since he doesn't like it. He lifts the ban on gays in the military, mocks Christians, sides with the abortion industry, puts down Israel and fights them on every front. He bows to Muslim leaders and sides with Muslims on everything.

  What if Obama is part of a plan? A plan to get a Muslim in the highest office in the USA. What if all of these secret meetings he has with Muslims are part of a plan to take our country down? If it is, he has it made. The liberals and media defend his pro-Muslim views and actions and accuse us of hating Muslims if we dare speak up.

  If the Muslims had a plan to take down our country by putting one of their own in as president of the USA, he would have to be slow in his take down. He couldn't do everything at once, but move piece by piece, like playing chess. And then, the closer he gets to the end of his presidency, the bolder he would get, and the more obvious his pro-Muslim stance would come out.

  My dad made a scary statement recently. This pro-Muslim president will vacate the White House here in a couple of years. He will take with him all kinds of secrets and intelligence that presidents are in on. What if he defects to a Muslim country and takes all of that with him?

  It all sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it could happen. A Muslim takeover of America by getting a Muslim in the White House. I hope I am wrong, but if one examines the evidence: His upbringing, his friends, his anti-Israel stance, his pro-Muslim stance, his constant meetings with Muslims..... I would be my life that he is a Muslim. Is he part of a plan to give Muslims control of our country? Hopefully not, but if he were, everything would line up to prove that. And in America's excitement and determination to elect our first black president, we may have done what Sean Hannity has stated many times: elected the enemy.

  I am going to make a couple of predictions. Maybe I am wrong, but time will tell:

1) Obama will admit he is a Muslim by the time he exits the White House. If he really is one - and I believe he is - his arrogance will not allow him to stop from crowing about not only being the first black president, but the first Muslim president.

2) All presidents pardon criminals before they exit being president. I predict he will pardon any Muslim terrorists that are left in Guantanamo Bay.

 After this post was already typed up, I ran across this story today, which Drudge now has as their headline story. I wondered if it was true at first, but since they are running with it, it makes the story more plausible to me. We will see. Obama does seem to be getting more and more bold in his pro-Muslim actions and words, and more and more anti-Christian as he gets closer to the end of his term. (Link to the story here)

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