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Sunday, June 29, 2014

If I were a Muslim president

 I just read a news story that both irritated and concerned me. Obama has proclaimed August "International Muslim Awareness Month." Among other things, he said “The Muslim community around the world deserves our full acceptance, respect, apologies and most importantly, our awareness,” Obama told reporters. “The world has done horrible things to the Muslim people since the beginning of time. Americans have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks." Wow. Really? My first thoughts were "I am already very aware of them." And apologize for what? Not being an easy enough target for their terrorism?"

  Now if you know me very well at all, you know I feel Barak Obama is the worst man to ever become president of our country, and not only is he in on every scandal he is surrounded by, he has an agenda to change this country into what he wants it to be - and he even said so when he was running for president. But put that aside, and let's play a what if game. What if I were a Muslim who wanted to change a great Christian nation into a Muslim country and/or destroy it from the Oval Office. What would I do?

1) First off, I would appear to throw off the Muslim beliefs and practices I grew up believing and doing. I would make a public confession of faith in Christianity, and start attending a Christian church. The fact that the pastor hates white people and America is just something I hope the public will not find out, or will overlook.

2) I would make pro-Muslim statements often. This great country rightfully fears Muslims in general. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists nowadays are Muslims, so I would say nice things about the religion and point out the good Muslims have supposedly done.

3) I would try to disguise my hatred of Israel, all the while trying to pull the US back from supporting this country all Muslims have a deep-seated hatred of. I would try to portray THEM as the problem, instead of the Muslims countries around them that are constantly threatening their very existence.

4) I'd scoff at the conservatives for saying I am a Muslim and spout Christian platitudes and Bible verses occasionally and be seen going to church to help put those rumors at rest.

5) I'd do my best to ignore terrorist attempts by Muslims, calling it work place violence, and doing all I could to draw attention away from the fact that yet another Muslim has launched a terrorist attack against the country. I'd change the wording and stop using the word terrorism so people don't equate Muslims with acts of terrorism. I'd enlist the media's help and have them gloss over the fact, or leave out the fact, that a Muslim was behind it.

6) I'd weaken our country's borders so anyone can come across, including radical Muslims who want to destroy us.

7) I'd defend Muslims, throw the word "Islamaphobia" around to discourage people from criticizing Islam and Muslims.

8) I'd use the laws to my advantage to protect Muslims from stereotyping and searches of places where they might be building bombs and making plans to launch more attacks on the USA.

9) I'd go slow. I would realize I can't become president on day 1 and on day two force Sharia Law on the country and declare Islam the religion of the country. I would wait until I was re-elected and then start focusing more on my agenda to force Islam on America.

10) I would do things like make a month "International Muslim Awareness Day" and try to make it look like America is the bad guy, picking on Muslim countries, while ignoring all that Muslims have done and tried to do to America.

    I firmly believe there is no way an openly Muslim man could have become president in 2008. At least I don't think so. It still amazes me that Obama became president with no qualifications, no real birth certificate (if there is no issue, then why use millions of $$ to stop it from being shown), his college and school records were sealed, and his past whitewashed...... but still, I don't think he would have been elected if he were Muslim.

  So call me a conspiracy nut if you will, but I believed from day one that he was a Muslim, and if you examine all he has said and done that pertains to Muslims, it would underline that belief. The man claims to be a Christian, but has done nothing pro-Christian since he got in office. Pro-gay, pro-abortion, and pro-Muslim? Oh yes, constantly. But if were a real Christian, he would never have won the Democrat nomination. Real Christians are hated and mocked by that party. But a pseudo/fake Christian using the label as a way to get more votes from Christians who are too blind to see.... yeah, that would work.

  In closing, there is such a thing as sleeper cells. Radical Muslims move into a country and blend in just living life, until the day they are called up to be a martyr and launch an act of terror. So is it that far of a stretch that a man could be groomed and prepared to be a sleeper cell and become president so he could further the causes of the religion most dear to him, Islam? I think not. It is a very real, and scary possibility, and one I am afraid we have as a reality at this very moment. May God have mercy on this country, and somehow hinder this man's agenda and plans.

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