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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lessons in patience?

 I grew up in a part of Pennsylvania where it was as common to have deer crossing in front of your car, as it was for a politician to tell a lie. I had many close calls, but never hit a deer. Then I moved to Ohio in the early 90's and deer didn't seem to cross the road as much, but it still happened a lot. And still.... I never hit a deer. I also lived in the state of Indiana for two years, and never hit a deer.

  Fast forward to 2012. I was visiting my best friend in the state of Indiana, and left early in the morning in my 2001 white Pontiac Sunfire. Shortly after I pulled out onto the main highway, a pickup pulled out in front of me. Annoyed, I zipped around him instead of braking. Within a minute, BAM! I had hit my first deer. I pulled off at a gas station to inspect the damage. It wasn't too bad, and considering my deductible, I figured I'd just let it go.

  The thought came to me that had I not passed  the moron, I mean guy, who pulled out in front of me, he would most likely have hit the deer, and not me.

  Fast forward to this morning, June 25, 2014. I was again driving my aforementioned Sunfire, and got behind a pickup. (I'm sensing a common theme). He didn't pull out in front of me, but he was driving 10 mile below the speed limit, and after a few miles of that, I was tired of him, so as soon as a passing zone came up, around him I went in my little Sunfire. And within a minute something small darted across the road in front of me and BAM! And then THUD! as it passed under my car. I honestly thought I had hit a dog, so I turned around and went back to find a very small baby deer on the road. Dead. I had killed Bambi.

  I pulled over to inspect the damage. For a smaller deer, it did its share of damage to my car.  And again, the thought came to me that had I not passed the slowpoke driver, either he would have hit the deer, or neither of us would have. I am definitely sensing a common theme. And I remembered the other time I hit a deer. After passing a pickup.

  Now one could assume a few things from these two experiences:
1) I need to stop passing pickups to avoid hitting deer
2) I need to get rid of my Sunfire. It is a deer magnet
3) I need to be more patient and not be in a hurry....... nah, its gotta be #1 or #2

  Now I doubt God caused those deer to run out in front of my car. It was more than likely stupidity on the part of  the deer. "Hey, I'm going to play chicken with that fast white thing!"

 But lessons can be learned from these things. I do need to be more patient. Not just while driving, but wow.... do I need help there. But will I learn my lesson, or will I again pass another pickup only to hit another deer?

  Or I could start a new line of jokes...... why did the deer cross the road?

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