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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas is for.....

If one would step into our world at this time of year and learn about Christmas through what they see and the songs they'd hear, they'd be confused for one thing. Is Christmas about Jesus, or the fat guy in a red suit? But they also might get the idea that Christmas is for kids and lovers. Everywhere you go, you see Santa and ads for toys and things for the special someone in your life. You hear songs about Santa and Frosty, Merry Christmas Darling (which I love, even if I have no darling), Baby It's Cold Outside (which is just an awful song), and more. Even Christmas stories abound with tales of love.

  It can be rough being a single adult at Christmas. There does seem to be an overabundance of songs about love and lovers at Christmas. The kid's songs don't bother me, but even though I like some of the songs I hear, they can still make a single guy feel left out. I've even found myself wondering about Christmases in the future. Now I have my parents and nieces and nephews that are still kids, but some day.........

  It is human nature to wish for someone special any time of  the year, but Christmas does bring out those feelings more than any other time of the year. To have someone to love and be with, to spend time with family and exchange gifts.

  But Christmas isn't just for kids or lovers. It is for everyone. Underneath all of the music, the gifts, decorations, and all of the other trappings, is the truth of Christmas: That God became a man to die for everyone. Not just kids. Not just lovers. Everyone..... even single guys who are never getting married.

  It is so easy to chirp "He's the reason for the season", and feel we are celebrating Christmas in the right way, and I am not condemning the way we all celebrate it. It just seems we lose sight of the reason we are doing it all. It isn't to spend time with our special love, family, to give gifts and decorate the house.

 It is about Jesus. His coming to earth to live as a man and die for us. So we can live eternally.

  That isn't just for kids and lovers. It is for everyone.

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