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Thursday, October 30, 2014


 I've been thinking lately about heroes. We throw the word hero around too easily nowadays, and we elevate the wrong people to heroes. In today's world, one only has to come out as gay and declare yourself living against God's Word to be a  hero. People furthering the cause of abortion are declared heroes. Sports heroes who are living for themselves and making a sinful amount of money for just playing a sport to entertain people, are called heroes.

As is usually the case with our godless society, we have everything backward, including who are heroes, and what makes a hero. The word hero doesn't appear in the Bible, at least not in older versions, yet the Bible is full of heroes. The 11th chapter of Hebrews is often referred to as the Heroes of the faith chapter. People like David, Moses, Abraham, and many more. Compared to those great people of faith in the Bible, our modern day heroes pale in comparison, yet we have heroes.

  There are those who fight for our country, leaving behind families, sacrificing their lives and health to keep our country safe.

  There are those who go into burning buildings to save a life. Those who strap on a badge and gun to protect us. Those who work feverishly in operating rooms to save a life, Those who go undercover and risk their lives to save children and adults forced into the sex slave trade.

  I have my heroes:

Abby Johnson. She is a hero. A former Planned Parenthood director who ran abortion clinics, she saw the light and now fights to save the most innocent among us: babies in the womb. And she isn't alone. There are scores of people across this country fighting against what is so wrongly called a woman's right - killing babies in the womb. These people are true heroes who should make sports figures bow their heads in shame.

Matthew Aaron Walker. A man I am proud to call my friend. Not only did he walk away from the gay lifestyle to live for God, he runs a ministry to help young men who want to do the same. His ministry is called Big Fish, and not only does he run it, he ministers to people all across this country and beyond who struggle with same-sex attractions and want to serve God instead of their own desires.

McKrae Game. Another man I am proud to call my friend who also runs a ministry for those caught up in the struggles of same-sex attraction. He runs a ministry called Hope for Wholeness, and stands tall in my eyes, along with all who are involved in it.

Nick Vujicic. A young man born with no arms or legs, yet serves God faithfully and goes all over te world speaking to encourage and bring people to the God he serves. He's not a hero just because he has no limbs, but because of how he has lived his life in spite of and because of that.

 Joni Eareckson Tada: Paralyzed from the neck down since 1976, she has ministered to many across the world, gotten wheel chairs to people who couldn't afford them, spoke, wrote devotionals and other books, and done things she most likely never would have done were she whole.

  And there are more. Pastors who faithfully preach the truth, spending hours in prayer, visiting, and sermon preparation.

  Parents who raise handicapped kids, instead of aborting them.

 Those who face insurmountable odds, yet still have faith in God and serve Him.

  People using their time to try to pull others back from the edge and encourage them to stick with the fight.

 Heroes aren't those who entertain us, whether it be with sports, TV shows, or other means.
 Heroes aren't those who proudly break God's laws and mock those who are standing for right.

  True heroes bow before God, are humble, make sacrifices, and do things that will last for all eternity.

 It is time we take the word hero back and apply it to those who are truly heroes.

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